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Posted on September 22, 2010
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I had turned thirteen when I was first called chubby. I could not believe it. The extra weight on my body made me look full, not emaciated. I believed I was at the right weight for my age and body shape. The more that I heard people saying it though, the more I realized that they might be right.
It was only natural that I tried to find a way to fix the issue. Naturally I turned to the wisdom of the of message boards such as the biggest loser forum message board and discovered the that there were many popular diets and I decided on a diet that appealed to me because it was 1) simple to follow with limited food choices, and 2) allowed foods I liked.
I began my first weight loss plan. The diet included all you want of fat laden meats, eggs, cheese, butter, oils, anything fat is okay and but no breads, including whole grain and white bread, grains, rice, beans and little if any vegetables or fruits. which sounded good to me especially because it did not include working out and doing something crazy like a six pack ab exercise program.
This will be easy. My first meal consisted of a big old hunk of meat cooked on the grill and I was very happy with it. The smell of the meat is forever in my memories. This diet going to be a cinch to follow.
Unfortunately, eating the same thing for every meal is not fun and I got tired of it before a week had even gone by. And I was starving. I really missed enjoying a warm roll with my meal. I knew that it was time to give up on it. I not sure how effective it was. I don’t remember. There was no way that I would even attempt to do in order to lose weight because it was not worth the effort.
I decided to try to lose weight fasting and his made sense because don’t eat anything and of course you’d lose weight so I decided to fast for a week which turned out to be about four days. I started out rough but was able to get through the beginning and it seemed to get easier after, but the pain subsided quickly and I two or three days. I was a little light headed but since I didn’t do any kind of physical activity, it was tolerable. The problems arose after a few days on the plan. In one fell swoop, I began to realize that I needed some food, and I was not going to be able to get enough of it. The answer was obvious. Fast over.
What did I do? Did I follow the advice to get back to eating slowly? Of course not. I ate everything in sight. Stuffed it in, until I was sick, and this was the first time I’d overeaten to the extent that death would have been a welcome relief. I had cramps and stomach pains I could never have imagined. And I decided that this type of pain was as bad if not worse than the other diet I had tried.
So what did I accomplish? I had tried two weight loss plans. Maybe losing weight was something that I could not do. I began eating just like I did before I started all of this. From that day forward I tended to eat the same foods, as most people do, on a regular basis. I was able to control what I was eating because it never varied from one day to the next. The foods were my favorite. No pounds were going on my body or coming off of it. For my height, I was fine.
Somebody might say I was chubby, but I thought I looked fine. I no longer had to hop from one weight loss program to another. Many people I saw were obsessed with their body shape, but I was just happy. It had become evident to me how to get into the shape that you want. Be happy with yourself first. If you can accomplish that, you can accomplish anything.

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