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Posted on March 2, 2011
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A new year and perhaps a new style. What is in fashion for hair styles for men this year?

Guys aren’t that much different than women. It certainly is no crime to look as good as you can. Over the past years men have become more aware of trends and take note of what is happening in the world of fashion. But hey the first thing people notice is the face and your hair forms a great part as it frames your face. So it is vital to have a great haircut that suits you well.

Not much has changed this year, only a few small details. Shorter cuts are still the rage and continue to be the best loved cut. But whereas this past year the emphasis was on perfect hair (not one strand out of place) this year its exactly about keeping it cool and comfortable.

The classic short cut is still a hot favorite. So if this is your style then don’t be to straight with the side part it can be irregular adding that easy but trendy feel to it. The classic wave in the front is also trendy as seen on Mark Wahlberg. If your hair is a bit longer then all you have to do is add some additional hair product to keep it in place. If you prefer the spiky style, you can also gel up your hair so it is very straight or perhaps sport the messy version. These are great styles and so easy to maintain. Some men love it lengthier, thus if that is what you want then basically ensure that it stays more natural than neat.

There you have it it is basically the same just more relaxed and less formal. Before you make a drastic change just keep in mind that you should match your style to your facial shape. For example if you have a long face a straight spiky look will make it more obvious. When you’ve got a nasty haircut don’t stress it will re-grow quickly.

If you have some ideas but you are not sure what to choose then visit us today and try on different Mens Hairstyles so you can feel confidant and look good.

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