Mend My Broken Heart Changing What Went Bad to Get My Ex Back

Posted on September 7, 2010
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Another date that didn’t go well with yet another guy. I want my ex back and to mend my broken heart is what you suddenly realize.

After a break up, you might move on to seeing different people. But when you are finding yourself always thinking that you want your ex back, you wonder if there is something you can do to renew an old relationship. There are, and in this article, I will present you with five strategies for when you want your ex back.

Clearing you energy from other people is the first thing that must be done. Stop devoting any further time and energy in men who aren’t your ex. You need to prepare your mind, body and soul for your ex, if you want your old relationship to start working again. You do not have the right attitude for getting your ex back if you are flirting, dating or worse sleeping with other men.

Next, keep your dignity. Don’t chase your ex, flooding him with hundreds of text messages, calling him at odd times of day, or stalking him. What’s more, you need to make him treat you well and respect you. A doormat is not what you are. You will only command your ex’s respect and love when you are yourself at your best. Hold your head high. You will increase your chances of getting back together with your ex if you do.

The third strategy is to make a list of things you value about your ex and reflect on it. Accusations of all kinds is often a result of a bad break up. This break is a good opportunity to focus on his good points. When you want to get your ex back, this is beneficial to your reconcilation.

Next, try changing some of the circumstances when you get back together. Go to new places and try new things. Start a new hobby together. Meet new people. By changing the environment of your relationship, you have a better chance of making it work. The same old relationship patterns should not be falling into. Consider adjusting the relationship down a step or two. Experiment separate places for a while if you are living together. If you were engaged, try just dating. Don’t try to force your relationship back into old patterns.

Lastly, a shared sense of destiny needs to be created. Although destiny surely plays a part in our lives, we are ultimately the ones who create our own living screenplay. Make a plan as to where you would like the relationship to go. When you do this together, you create a mission with a place for both of you. New situations are something you must work with when you want your ex back. Stick to the recommendations in this article if you want to mend my broken heart and get your ex back.

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