Matrix Energetics — Listen To What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You, Listen To Matrix 7.

Posted on July 7, 2010
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If you think Matrix 7, and Matrix Energetics are the same, they are not. A lot of people think that Matrix 7 and Matrix Energetics are the same, but to make it clear: they are not. OK, they both use morphic fields, true. Matrix 7, on the other hand, concentrates on a certain morphic field that connects you to the ultimate source of creation.

A big difference is that Matrix 7 focuses way more. More info on systems like Matrix 7, Matrix Energetics right here: Matrix Energetics

Here are the main differences between Matrix 7 and Matrix Energetics:

– 2 utterly different systems, 2 utterly different techniques.
– Matrix 7 has a simple symbol to help you focus.
– The connection to morphic fields in Matrix Energetics is quite broad. The Matrix 7 system basically connects you to the mother of all morphic fields. This is the one that opens us to the source of all creation.
– Compared to Matrix Energetics, Matrix 7 is cheap. Big price difference!
– Where are these systems similar? In name only.

Of course neither of these systems are better than the others. They are tools, to do different kinds of things. Does each system serve a different purpose? Yes.

The easiest system to understand out of the two is not Matrix Energetics.

Matrix Energetics is based on a relatively simple concept, in my opinion it is still more complicated to comprehend. With Matrix 7 you can enhance your finances, wellness, and relationships, or anything else, through a simple symbol. The good thing is that Matrix Energetics leaves a little more room for spontaneity.

On the other hand, to focus on one aspect is often easier than when you try to see the whole. The detail can reveal the whole.

It makes sense to take the easy, less expensive way, on the other hand, this way must be walked by you alone. You have to to decide for yourself. Everyone has their own spiritual journey, we live in our own spiritual universe. God does not care which path we take, as there are many different ways that lead us to heaven.

Be spontaneous but trust your intuition. Through it you will learn which system is right for you. What is important here is to take the hints the universe is giving you. If you become quiet and listen you will realize that the universe is always talking to you. Here you can learn lots more about systems like Matrix 7, Matrix Energetics here: Matrix 7

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