Lucky Number 7 — The Lucky Number 7 Stands Outside Our Physical Reality, And Represents A Different Dimension.

Posted on June 24, 2010
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If lucky Number 7 is so lucky, why are most people unaware of the reason why. A while back I asked a friend to pick a number from 1 to 10. It was the first number that popped into his head. Strangely, he picked the number 7.

I knew he would pick 7, so before he told me, I told him what the number was. He said most people pick that number because it is the lucky number 7 so actually he did not seem surprised that I knew the number he picked.

When put to the test, he was right: 99% of all people pick the number 7. But why it is a lucky number, why it has such a sway over us, is a mystery to 99% of all people.

The reasons why are many. Lucky number 7 goes far beyond luck. 7 is God. 7 is what quantum physicists, sages, and philosophers refer to as: the great mystery! It represents the mystery of life itself the source of all that IS. Want to learn more go here to the lucky number 7: lucky number 7

Thus, this awesome lucky number 7 now becomes the mystic number 7. In Matrix 7, it becomes the life transforming 7.

7 is the greatest mystery there is in mathematics and science. 7 should really not even exist. Logical scientific minds will never be able to truly understand 7. One good reason for this is that 7 can not be divided into the 360 degree circle, (circle of life,) like all the other numbers can.

The lucky number 7 stands outside our physical reality, and represents a different dimension. It clearly symbolizes the whole. It is the source of creation. It is a place of perfection, of pure love, and good fortune. The wheel of karma, or wheel of suffering goes around and around and 7 stands outside of it.

Is it not clear now why we all want to associate ourselves with the lucky number 7?

The major religions of the world know about the symbolic and subliminal power of 7. Christianity, in its literature, art, and belief systems, uses the Lucky number 7.

The Lucky number 7 is lucky because billions of people all over the world have it etched into their subconscious minds. It creates one of the the largest morphic fields, (a morphic filed is an info field created by collective ideas and visions,) of hope, happiness, and love. Connect to the morphic field of the mystical 7 through Matrix 7. You will become the number 7 in the end. Want to learn more go here to systems like Matrix 7, lucky number 7: lucky number 7

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