Lucky Number 7 — Our Immortality Is Shown To Us Through Lucky Number 7.

Posted on July 26, 2010
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You will find lots of people using Lucky number 7 for gambling. It goes beyond just being a lucky number. 7 will not only bring you luck it can change your life as well. You can also call the lucky number 7: the magical and mysterious number 7.

7 symbolizes the Great Mystery according to sages and philosophers throughout the ages. The Great Mystery is the puzzle of life, or reality itself.

Lucky number 7 reveals to us our true identity. It shows us the other side of who we are. As much as we are a physical body we are also consciousness. We are what they call the watcher or observer, who watches things changing, but being pure awareness, we remain unchanged.

The un-dieing unchanging observer is what we are: our immortality is shown to us through the Lucky number 7. We are standing in a different dimension as pure awareness, the 7th dimension, watching life and all of its episodes play-out in front of us, yet as pure awareness we remain unaffected by the outcome. This is what the lucky number 7 shows us.

7 symbolizes an alternate dimension. It is a place beyond time and space where you will find unconditional love, inner peace, and the source of creation.

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