Lucky Number 7 — Is The Unreal, Inexplicable Number 7, The Magical Number 7 That, Although Part Of A Common Number Sequence, Makes Practically No Logical Sense.

Posted on July 5, 2010
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Lucky number 7 is also the mystical number 7, it is amazing. For centuries 7 is a number that has fascinated humanity. It becomes very apparent that, when digging deep into 7, it seems to be a huge mystery. Why is this?

The Lucky number 7 is really the inexplicable number 7, the unexplainable number 7 that makes little logical sense, although it is part of a sequence of numbers. It’s existence in math is so odd that it should not be there.

When you try to divide it into the 360 degree circle evenly it won’t work. So why is this so odd? This is weird because all the other numbers will divide evenly into the circle when 7 will not. Thus, if we look at the circle as being the wheel of life, or wheel of karma, symbolically this means that 7 does not fit into this reality. It stands outside of our existence, and represents a divine alternative dimension, or God, or source of creation, all that IS. If you want to learn about lucky number 7 go here right now: lucky number 7

The unusual power of 7 goes way beyond this. There are many many examples of the mystical and Lucky number 7.

Here’s one: on the 7th day, after birth, the umbilical cord falls off of new born babies.

When an array of items is presented to us we can only remember 7 different things at once. For this reason telephone numbers are made up of 7 numbers.

The cells in our bodies, every one of them, are replaced every seven years.

Using the number 7 often helps people when gambling.

In their art, literature, and symbolism 7 is used by every culture and religion in the world.

It becomes more and more clear why the Lucky number 7 is lucky when we realize that 7 is deeply rooted into the subconscious minds of billions of people.

The morphic field behind it is powerful. Look into Matrix 7 it is a powerful energy system that will attune you into the Lucky number 7.

This system is really great to help you connect with your TRUE SELF, to the source of creation, to pure awareness. It is possible for Matrix 7 to help you transform your life, and the best part is it is not that expensive. Get more info on systems like Matrix 7, lucky number 7 right here: lucky number 7

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