Lucky Number 7 — But Why Is 7 Such A Lucky Number?

Posted on July 19, 2010
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Use Lucky number 7 to your advantage: I’ll give you a big tip. When you understand the true meaning behind the lucky number 7 you will win every time. At that moment when the power of 7 is working in your life. you can not lose.

All well and good, but why exactly is 7 such a lucky number? The number 777 symbolizes God. 7 carries the power of God, that might be why.

Yes it is found in Christianity and everywhere else. 7 is also a very important number in all the other major religions. We can find 7 in everything from art, literature, and music, to our telephone numbers. Why is this? More than 7 digits is hard for people to remember: we have to chunk groups of information in chunks of 7.

It would take far too long to go on and on about how important, subliminal, and subconscious the Lucky number 7 is in the minds of billions of people.

It is more important for you to hear about a system that will attune you into the Lucky number 7. This will help you to use the power of it to bring positive change in your life.

The energy system that makes use of the Lucky number 7, is called Matrix 7. You will be attuned, through Matrix 7, into the morphic field of the mystical number 7. Get more info on systems like Matrix 7, lucky number 7 right here: lucky number 7

Matrix 7 is everywhere, this is how you have to look at it. It is everywhere we look, it is all around us, and it is deep within us. We are not aware of this because we are so busy with our daily life.

From the Illusions our logical minds have created of past and future, Matrix 7 will bring us back into the here and now. Matrix 7 will teach you the difference between logical mind and the pure awareness, our TRUE SELF, which is what you have to know in order to become successful with the Lucky number 7.

You will experience a Quantum leap in your spiritual development, and suddenly more positive opportunities will be opened to you when you make the connection with Matrix 7, along with a few techniques that we would like to suggest to you. You should learn about systems like Matrix 7 and lucky number 7 now: lucky number 7

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