Lucky Number 7 — 7 Is More Powerful Than You Might Think

Posted on July 13, 2010
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Take control of the lucky number 7. Now you can go beyond it to manifest your life right now!

Do you think that numbers play an important role in your life? Does the number 7 have special meaning to you?

Throughout history number 7 has defied mathematics, has mystified sages, and philosophers, has inspired art and gamblers. Powerful and wealthy people are connected to the lucky number 7. Successful religions use the number 7 too. It is a symbol of luck, of good fortune, of the power of God, the source of creation.You can find out more about the lucky number 7 here: lucky number 7

On a basic level it is easily explained: having a strong belief in the good fortune that the lucky number 7 can give you are more likely to have positive experiences.

Indeed for people with such a belief, their lives may changed in a positive manner. These people have a spacial connection and seem to be in the right place at the right time when opportunity knocks. They do not seem to be lacking in continual luck. As their confidence increases they become much happier.

A life changing quality is what the lucky number 7 seems to have.

There are some huge oddities associated with the number 7 too.

An interesting effect is that when you ask a person to the pick the first number that pops into their head, between 1 and 10, 99% of all of them actually pick the lucky number 7.

99% of all people can remember only 7 units at once, when they are tested to remember more. Hence: there are only 7 digits in telephone numbers.

These examples are nothing compared to the massive amount of mystical info we could gather about the lucky number 7. 7 is not only a lucky number, it is a mystical number too. The more you look closely at it the more you will see this.

Even major religions have strongly centred their literature and beliefs around the number 7.

This is my suggestion to you: go beyond the lucky number 7 right now, experience it as a mystical force that can bring much more to you than good luck. It can transform your life forever. Through Matrix 7 there is no better way to go beyond the lucky number 7. Want to learn more go here to systems like Matrix 7, lucky number 7: lucky number 7

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