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Posted on March 25, 2011
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Effective Weight management needs the correct outlook. Why do some people naturally maintain their ideal weight while others seem to spend a lifetime struggling? Naturally slim people with ease have a tendency to follow a diet balanced with their calorie burn rate. They do not seem to get hungry or give much thought to what they eat.
People with weight problems see food differently. They binge on fattening foods or snack often.
Once weight conscious, their regular eating patterns change’. To a some degree or other they become pre-occupied with what they eat.

It is well known that our weight problems are caused by, first our eating habits and secondly to . What we eat, what we like to nibble on and when we sit down to a meal are all factors that relate to habits- daily routines, sure, but it has more to do with our thinking habits.
Our thinking patterns are a complex result of our childhood, emotions and our reactions to them, beliefs, personal history and current environment. We also follow the same thought processes repeatedly as if that is the only choice for us, but we have many different thought branches we can take.
We seldom exercise control over our thinking patterns so they naturally lead to what we think next and what we do. Our behaviour can be overt or just what we think. In other words our thinking patterns can lead to other thinking patterns that lead to mood changes, our outlook on life, our reactions to our environment, how we interact and are viewed by others.
Ultimately it can lead to mental health issues like self-esteem, stress or depression.
We seldom exercise control over our thinking patterns, but our thinking patterns are not out of our control. With recognition that our thinking needs changing, with intent and a clear objective towards more appropriate thinking choices we can change the way we think at every level… including out thoughts that leads to what we eat.
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool to control mind patterns that has been developed over the past 30 years. NLP has several processes that {can help you deal with a variety of mind and behavior issues|drastically alter behavciour.
NLP can help you check your belief systems, cure phobias, negotiate compromises in internal conflicts. NLP can help you become anything you want to be.
NLP as a mind programming and behavior change tool is limited only by your own desires or needs.
The secret to long term weight control lies in changing the way you think about yourself and how you think about food. If you change the way you think about yourself, your environment, how you see what you eat or not, it becomes easy to lose a pound a day. Behavior change comes very naturally and eating healthily can become natural behaviour. If it is your desire you can lose 20 pounds fast.
Every weight-loss program needs to address the root cause of the problem… the thinking patterns that lead us to the eating pattern that gave us the weight problem.

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