Looking For A WordPress Autoresponder To Manage Your Email List?

Posted on July 9, 2010
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A free WordPress email list builder will allow you to offer a newsletter subscription form to your website visitors. Once a visitor chooses to opt-in to your subscription, they have permitted you to email them, spam-free. This is referred to as “list-building.” List-building is an efficient and effective method of maintaining contact with your prospects.

Many websites provide an easy-to-use, prominent email newsletter subscription form on their homepage to entice visitors to sign up for their email list. An email newsletter could simply provide tips, a free item (mp3), an in-depth article or a collection of articles, videos or audio files. The newsletter can automatically be configured to send out on a preselected periodic basis, say daily, weekly, monthly or at other scheduled times.

If someone is visiting your website, they are likely interested in the information you have to offer. Thus, the probability is high that such a visitor will subscribe to your email newsletter if you offer them something of value where they can see it. Placing your opt-in form in the top left of the webpage will ensure the highest click-through potential.

A cost-free WordPress auto-responder plugin will manage your newsletter subscribers and messages. I strongly recommend Gary Pomerant’s GWA Autoresponder. Download it now, install it into your WordPress plugin folder, activate it and you will be able to begin your list-building efforts immediately.

Gary’s plugin is my favorite because it is very easy to use. Once activated, it appears in the bottom left of your WordPress administrator dashboard. Click on the “GWA Autoresponder” icon and the auto responder control panel appears. It is simple and straightforward to set-up.

The plugin provides all the functions you need from an auto responder that would normally cost up to $250 monthly from paid services such as Aweber.com. Gary’s software will collect an unlimited amount of leads for your list and you may pre-configure all of your messages to automatically send as soon as a new visitor subscribes. My best list is a weekly “website usability tips” email that has a short tip sent once-weekly. All I needed to do was write 52 messages and the year was taken care of. I do nothing but watch the list build itself.

So, go try Mr Pomerant’s free email list builder.

Please let me know what you think about it!


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