Look for Fundamental Vocal Exercises

Posted on July 23, 2010
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Do you want to learn proper vocal tips? The only answer is to get a vocal coach to train you with vocal exercises. You will learn a lot of tips and techniques from a good voice instructor.

So what are the proper voice exercises and great singing tips and techniques that you have to learn through a voice instructor?

1. Using an Italian accent, you will be expected to sing “le” and “la”. You will be asked to sing a, e, and i without putting much emphasis to the letter i.

2. You will learn to vocalize as an exercise. Sing using an Italian accent as seen in tip number one. So, in essence, you are using the Italian vowels above instead of the lyrics of the song. Remember, even though you are not singing the real lyrics, you need to memorize the lyrics so you can sing it later on in this manner using the real lyrics.

You can use the tips and techniques listed below.

1. Breathing exercise – You need to learn how to breathe properly if you want to sing properly.

2. Pitch exercise and ear training – This is essential for the student to learn to sing in tune.

3. Exercise posture – Performing with a straight posture helps a lot. Plus, singing will improve if you are physically fit.

4. Memorization of lyrics – This is essential to the proper delivery of your performance.

Your vocal coach is not exempt from scrutiny. What you have to look for in a vocal coach is his or her ability to impart the vocal techniques to new singer and veteran singers alike. You should look at the history of your voice instructor to see how successful he or she is in the past. Your instructor should also have a certain educational attainment, this is not necessary depending on the stature and reputation of the instructor, usually in a conservatory.

Remember, your singing lesson should consist of programs that should improve your vocal range and power. Avoid injury to yourself even when you are trying to improve your pitch and scaling. You must have both good technique and develop good habits in order to succeed.

You have to sacrifice a bit if you want to improve your singing. Unless you are that talented, you need to have voice lessons. The truth is, even stars have vocal instructors. So even if you are naturally talented, it won’t hurt to get singing lessons.

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