Learn Reiki — How Can It Help You To Heal?

Posted on July 10, 2010
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Why do you want to learn reiki? There are many many reasons. Reason number one: create confidence in oneself. Strengthen your connection to life, and feel more balanced too. If you learn reiki you will see that it works great on the mental level, which helps you to cope with everyday stress better. More about reiki: reiki classes

Even more reasons to learn reiki:

-Reiki is a self empowerment tool.
-A healing tool.
-The stepping stone to spiritual growth.
-A good way to meet great people.
-A good way to help others.
-Helps to hinder acute pain.
-Help and guide you to develop your spiritual growth.
-It teaches you not to worry. Not to be angry. To honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude towards all living things.
-Connects you to the energy source of Reiki.
-Open Chakras.
-Become a channel for the energy.
-Learn about Aura and Chakra.
-Learn about oneness.
-Opens your mind.
-Releases blockages.
-Earn some money.
-Can open the door to a universe of energy.
-Distance healing connects with a world of people.
-Broadens your horizons.
-Puts you closer to creation.
-Teaches you to appreciate that which is truly important in your life.
-Puts you in the harmony of the moment.

I could go on, but I won’t. For so many people to learn reiki is the first place they start their journey of enlightenment. Reiki may be just the beginning of an awesome spiritual journey. I think everyone who feels attracted to the idea, should definitely learn reiki. Learn reiki here: reiki training

It will bless your life without a doubt. I’ll tell you a story about how it helped me. It was back when I worked for the news in Europe. There was a major flood along the Elba river in Germany. It was my duty to report the tragedy, the things I witnessed was horrendous. The flood went on for weeks, and each day I would get more and more wrapped up in the tragic stories. It is not possible in a professional career to get emotionally involved. All of the things I felt I bottled up inside of me. When it was all over, my wife gave me an extensive reiki session, and cleaned out all of the emotional baggage I had collected during the flood. And Wow! It was great! I cried my eyes out, and felt really physically sick after that. I was healed from the pain inside, and now I felt great!

Reiki is truly an amazing thing. Use it for the good of others, because the only life living is the life we live for others. More about reiki: learn reiki

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