Jeffrey Epstein, Plastic Surgeon

Posted on December 10, 2010
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Dr Jeffrey Epstein is an internationally known reconstructive surgeon, known for exhibiting the highest standards in the medical area. He is really a Diplomat of the American Board of Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery; the American Board of Hair Restoration, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His extensive training, passion for perfection, and innate aesthetic abilities are combined with the most advanced surgical methods, enabling him to provide the finest cosmetic and revision plastic surgery available these days.

Jeffrey Epstein believed within the philosophy of making his clients look natural even after the process. It is about boosting your confidence and demonstrating this confidence by evoking appreciation rather than ridicule. What can be worse than improving your body and have it be worse than prior to! Take Michael Jackson for instance along with those that chose to undergo substandard procedures to plastic surgery. As a top notch physician in this region, I have listened to many horror stories from people who planned on improving their physical appearance by undergoing low cost surgical procedures performed by doctors who hardly know what they’re performing and whose main concern is their gain.

It’s about your bodily appearance. The process has to be done right regardless of the target areas be it on the face, chin or removal of extra fats on the stomach and removal of wrinkles and fine lines. Perhaps, you would like your busts enhanced, but in a way that still projects attractiveness, form, and natural sensuality. I do not do breast surgeries where the outcome is comparable to my granite kitchen top. The whole concept is enhancing your body’s current beauty by making certain that all the enhancements fit perfectly thus ensuring that it looks natural. Features have to be in harmony with the rest of the face and also the body, otherwise, you risk the look of some freakish disasters, which have come to my office on numerous occasions, looking to fix their cheap approach to enhanced beauty.

The abilities and the means to alter an individual’s appearances confers an important responsibility.

It’s an important responsibility to have the ability to change not only one’s look but also their existence. It is Dr Jeffrey Epstein’s cautious approach to offer the most natural appearance, assuring features which are in harmony with the rest of the face and body. Many times the patient is merely concerned about, and would benefit most from the improvement of, a minor imperfection; it’s not necessary to “re-sculpt” the entire region, but rather to conservatively but successfully deliver the improvement. However, a more extensive work maybe required in instances wherein a repair for a previous process is needed. The goal in any case is the attainment of natural appearing outcomes.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is presently practicing within the Miami area and in addition to his active practice he also has regular media appearances. Acknowledgement by his colleagues has culminated in his being elected President of the Florida society of facial plastic Surgery in 1999. He also holds classes about his techniques throughout national and international meetings. Please visit Jeffrey Epstein‘s site, and discover more. You will probably be glad you did, simply because it’ll be a journey back to your own youth.

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