It Is Possible That A Distance Healing Will Be An Unpleasant Experience. Even So, It Will Always Be For Your Greater Good.

Posted on July 16, 2010
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Lets get to the awesome benefits of distance healing. But before this I will now explain what distance healing is. Distance healing is a kind of chi energy, or bio energy therapy, which involves using the body’s energy fields to heal and maintain wellness, strength, and clarity, and the energy is transmitted over distances. Increase your wellness with distance healing now: distance healing

OK, here are some benefits:

1. If you are stuck at home or faraway from the healer to receive the distance healing you can stay at home to receive the treatment.

2. Distance healing is not just for people, but can increase the wellness of pets too.

3. Pain management, relaxation, and side effects of treatment like nausea and stomach upset for cancer patients has been proven recently in clinical trials to be eased in distance healing .

4. The balancing of the bodies energies, chakras, and aura alike.

5. Helps to ease anxiety and improves your well being.

6. Creates harmony in situations of emotional turmoil.

7. Helps to connect you to your higher self.

8. Intuition can be enhanced.

9. A distance healing can be a pleasant experience.

10. On the other hand it is possible that it will be an unpleasant experience. Even so it will always be for your greater good. Yes, when blockages are released you might not feel great. This might result in: crying, feeling sick, or headaches, or just laughter, and feel giddy all day long.

Do not expect any particular outcome, but it is important with distance healing to accept and trust in the experience. It still does not mean that nothing has happened, even when you hardly notice anything at all after getting a distance healing.

Changes might not be apparent to the receiver for a time afterward, they might be very subtle.

The important thing to do, after a distance healing, is to pay attention to the things that happen inside and out. It is important to notice the little, subtle changes, as well as the big ones. Are new opportunities opening up to you, pay attention?

On the other hand, it has been reported, time and time again, that distance healing can be way more powerful than direct healing. Remain open to the experience. From my own experience when I have had absolutely no expectations I have had the most intense distance healing.

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