Is It Possible To Mend My Broken Heart and Save My Marriage By Getting Plastic Surgery?

Posted on October 29, 2010
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I believe plastic surgery has given many women misleading hope in terms of saving their marriage. But who are the women having the plastic surgery completed for, themselves or to hold on to their man? Whatever your intentions are you may still find yourself trying to heal your broken heart.

The first to get plastic surgery was my friend Cori. Even though they have been married for 16 years, due to the shaky relationship they had a trial separation earlier this year. The kids were starting to behave badly at school and home, so they decided to give their marriage another chance. Since both of them had had affairs there was a lot to work through. Cori was constantly comparing herself to the woman her husband had been with and her husband, Will, was over compensating to try and bring the spice back into their relationship.

Trying to work through their problems they both came to the conclusion that plastic surgery would help. Cori wanted to feel self-confident about her body and Will was hoping this new self-confidence would bring that spice back into their relationship. Since the one thing that Cori wasn’t happy with on her body was her breasts, they decided that she would get breast implants.

She told me that after the surgery she literally had to fight her husband off and she loved it! She claimed that it was the best decision they had ever made and she was quite sure that it saved their marriage.

Unfortunately that is not always the case, in fact some men are terrified of their women getting any plastic surgery done. There is this man from Alberta who’s wife wants breast implants, liposuction and a tummy tuck even though he says he loves her exactly as she is. He explained that she wants to have the body she had before they had children, but he’s afraid that with her new look that she’ll run off and have an affair. Are these acceptable fears?

To make themselves more confident about their bodies, a good number women get plastic surgery. If their current relationship is not working then the surgery could give them the confidence they need to leave it. But if the relationship is solid any surgery shouldn’t have any negative effects.

Confession of another woman revealed that her husband inquired if she would ever contemplate getting breast implants. She thought he loved her C cups, even though they weren’t quite as perky after two kids. At once she became uncomfortable with her breast and as a result she decided to get the surgery done because she believed this what he wanted and it would make him happy. Even though it was quite a naive comment it planted an ugly seed into her head.

The surgery made her feel miserable because she thought she looked like a clown due to her lean body looking like a stick with two giant balloons on it. She became more and more self-conscious even though her husband told her she looked beautiful. Finally, with her husband’s full support; she decided to have the surgery reversed and a breast lift done instead. She feels like herself again for the first time in a long time and her husband is just glad to have her back.

If you are getting the surgery to please someone else or if the relationship is already having problems or there is a history of problems, most research states that plastic surgery often does not help. The underlying problems are still there and the surgery is only a temporary solution. Those problems need to be dealt with before considering surgery or your relationship won’t survive anyways.

This is just what Cori experienced. Her marriage began to have problems again just six months after her breast surgery. They were right back where they had started – separated although her new body and confidence had been a great distraction for six months, the same old problems and patterns began to surface. She did the surgery for herself and her husband, for which she has no regrets despite her broken heart that they couldn’t work it out. She says she has much more confidence in herself and she know her heart will heal.

Plastic surgery done for the right reasons, and not to act as a “band-aid” to save your marriage, can have many positive affects. In any case, it is completely natural to want to alter something you’ve always wanted to alter, want to have your body back after having children or just to fight aging. Regardless of the reason, you have to be doing it because you want it, not to please someone else. If you are using plastic surgery in an attempt to rescue your marriage, you could instead find yourself struggling to heal your broken heart.

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