Is A Motion Gaming Platform Worth It

Posted on November 22, 2010
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For me, I do not find the motion based video games that have been available to be that much fun. I realize that Nintendo fans won’t like to hear that, and I understand why they enjoy using the console, but for me, tossing my hand around while holding a remote just doesn’t add much gaming value. I also have a problem with the titles that they have available and do not think that they are made for adults.

But when Sony announced that it would be delivering the PlayStation Move, and Microsoft offered up the xbox 360 kinect, I thought that my issues with the Wii would be forgotten as I figured that both devices would deliver a far more viable experience than anything Nintendo could muster. and so far, without actually playing with either motion service, I’d have to say that the chances of these two platforms appealing to me more than the Wii are quite good, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see issues in either platform.

Having to use some type of controller is a downside of the Playstation interactive platform. I believe that an interactive game should not require you to hold something in your hand and prefer systems that do not need this. The positive side of a Playstation is the games that they have and how well they are played. I am banking on the idea of it having more sophisticated technology supporting it. So far, there are some intriguing possibilities for it.

With the upcoming xbox 360 kinect release date, I’m more intrigued because having the ability to control characters without holding anything really appeals to me, and although I’ll probably be forced to move around the room more than I would like, the prospect of Kinect totally blowing away the Wii and the PlayStation Move seems great.

But for all the good that I see from Kinect and Move I am not convinced. I am not blown away by everything about these new types of platforms. There is not enough exciting software that is being offered for these systems. They seem to be more of the same. The games that are being sold are aimed at the younger player and are not for the serious gamer. More and more of the games seem to be remakes of games that have been around forever.

The PlayStation Move looks to have a better selection of games for the hardcore fans out there. The hard part is getting past holding something in your hand. That is not what I am looking for. And I doubt that it will be so much better than the Wii’s. There is still a bit of trepidation that the Playstation will not be different enough to justify purchasing it.

I am very curious about what my future in gaming will be. I find that motion gaming has failed me because at this point, none of my options deliver everything I want since the PlayStation Move has that controller, and the Xbox 360 Kinect, at least out of the gate, will seemingly focus on casual games, and the Wii just doesn’t do it for me, and there is also the fear of the xbox 360 kinect price or the cost of the Playstation Move.

In the future, the new platforms could change the way that I think. I want a chance to fully immerse myself in the various motion-gaming environments that will come my way. That may occur over time, but it is not the way that I feel currently. My next article could tell a completely different story. I will give it a chance. I will give a new opinion then.

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