Intuitive Coaching Lesson: How To Deal With Negative People

Posted on April 5, 2011
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It is not easy to deal with difficult people, and many people tend to become personally involved when others are difficult or even unhappy. This is where intuitive coaching can really help. As an intuitive coach, I tell my clients that it is important to be dispassionate when dealing with difficult people, and not take their anger or unhappiness upon yourself by feeling responsible or by defending yourself.

They may see their unhappiness or anger mirrored in you, but that does not make you responsible for their feelings or actions. You need to not try to identify with them nor try to make them ‘feel happy’, but it is possible to talk to hard men and women and feel empathy with them. Empathy is an essential tool in our life’s toolbox, and is often a focal point in numerous intuitive coaching lessons.

You can ask hard men and women if they need your assist without having you assuming responsibility and asking what you might have carried out to upset them. You need to not prevent them, but can show compassion without having assuming responsibility, and remain happy yourself in performing so. In other words, you’re not responsible for their feelings or attitudes, but it is possible to show understanding in an objective manner. Many people will respond to your actions, simply because positive actions tend to spill over to other people. Inside the very same way, negative actions are contagious. In case you maintain this in mind, you’ll recognize that your actions impact the actions of those around you, and in turn you’ll have the ability to deal effectively with negative men and women.

In case you discover how you can deal with negative men and women, you’ll locate that life becomes a lot more positive. Not only will you enjoy working with other people, you’ll begin to look forward to adjusting a negative person’s behavior and transform a negative into a positive.

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