Intuitive Coaching Lesson – A Good Listener is a Good Friend

Posted on April 2, 2011
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What do you need from a friend whenever you are discussing points? What conversation topics do you talk about, and what are you searching for whenever you talk to a friend. A lot of people try not to show their annoyance when buddies try to identify with their own problems: you might be not feeling well, or have some other issue, and whenever you talk to a friend about it they’ve had the exact same issue or even still have, but worse!

Or possibly they’ll try to tell you what they did to resolve a similar issue, and so on. What many people often want is basically a friend that listens without trying to be an amateur physician, accountant or marriage guidance counselor. A friend which is there for you whenever you basically need to talk is worth their weight in gold. It is worth remembering next time you think you might have all the answers and can assist – perhaps that is not what they are seeking.

As an intuitive coach, I understand that our greatest friendships come from relationships with no strings attached. If the basis of a relationship is quid-pro-quo, in other words, I’ll do some thing for you in the event you do some thing for me, then the act of communicating and listening is usually subject to ulterior motives.

Have you ever been talking to an individual and feel like they are just not listening to you? Your message is not acquiring through, due to the fact the other person’s interests are self-absorbed. He or she is thinking of himself or herself, not focusing on your words and meanings. However, in the event you find a true friend who genuinely listens, then you can rest assured that your relationship with that person is based on true friendship and caring.

Now focus on you. Whenever you are with others, are you really listening to their words and meanings? Or are you framing the communication by your own wants and desires? Becoming a true friend to an individual else will boost your life. intuitive coaching teaches that in order to boost your life, commence being a fantastic friend and listener to others.

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