Intuitive Coaching – Are You A Pavlov Dog Or A Clear Thinking Individual?

Posted on April 6, 2011
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Simply because I’m an intuitive coach, I study human psychology with excellent interest. One of my favorite case studies is Ivan Pavlov and Pavlov’s dogs.

Ivan Pavlov investigated the reflex of a dog’s salivary glands to the prospect of food under distinct conditions, and his results gave rise to the term Pavlov’s dogs as exemplifying the concept of conditioned reflex. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, humans also act unthinkingly to conditioning, and in several situations lack objective thought. Therefore, once you see men and women yelling at each other you might be conditioned to think they hate each other, when in reality they love each other and love arguing with each other.

When you see two men and women hugging, it does not enter your mind that they could possibly be performing so reluctantly, and only due to the fact it’s the social thing to do. Like Pavlov’s dogs you might be conditioned to assume what you see is what is correct, and that a forest fire is destructive instead of regenerative.

Not thinking before reacting can bring disastrous results. Sadly, it’s very typical and hurts lots of men and women. Do not be 1 of Pavlov’s dogs, but feel objectively for yourself and do not assume. Think for yourself when judging men and women and not from what you feel you see or other people tell you.

Becoming a clear thinking individual, i.e. not assuming issues and not taking issues out of context as a truth, will strengthen your life, also as those inside your life. Contemplating the reality that our lives take the shape of the decisions we make, if we learned how to make better and far more informed decisions, it is both logical and intuitive to reason that the result could be a better life.

A significant component to intuitive coaching is helping an individual feel what is correct in relation to creating decisions and then act on those feelings. Trusting in yourself and your own capacity invariably leads to better decisions, better judgment and better lives for you also as those around you.

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