Intuitive Coach Story – Learn How Not To Judge Others

Posted on April 3, 2011
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It can be straightforward to judge other men and women with out understanding the full facts. Several years ago I was driving down a country road when this car came rushing up behind me, flashing his lights and tooting his horn. I won’t say what I thought of this behavior, but I initially did nothing, but he persisted so I slowed down and pulled in to let him past. Poor driver, I thought, and totally inconsiderate to other people.

A couple of days later I read about this woman who gave birth in a car whilst her husband was trying to rush her to hospital. The incident took location in my location, and whilst I couldn’t say if this was the same guy or not, it made me think. Who was I to judge this guy when I was entirely unaware of why he was acting as he was?

As an intuitive coach, this personal experience reminded me of an important lesson.

Judging other people is often a dangerous game should you don’t understand the circumstances, and impaired judgment has been the cause of so much strife and human misery that we should avoid performing so with out finding the real facts.

Most often in life we judge other people with out knowing or understanding the circumstances surrounding behavior. There’s some thing referred to as a knee-jerk reaction, meaning we react speedily with out thinking of the consequences. Well, knee-jerk judging is really well-liked today it appears.

How can you apply this lesson to your life and create a far better life for you and those in your life? It is easy. Make a conscious effort to think a little deeper whilst you are judging someone. Let the knee-jerk judgment take location, but analyze it. By way of analysis and intuitive thinking, you can stop a knee-jerk judgment even just before it occurs! This may create a lot more positivity in your life, and enhancing your life through intuitive coaching will be the end objective.

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