Intuitive Coach Lesson – Using Dogs As Our Role Models

Posted on March 30, 2011
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Intuitive coaching is the art and science of improving our lives.

The way we go about it really is where it gets intriguing.

As an intuitive coach, I look around the world in which we live, and I try to find concepts that may guide our lives inside the positive direction.

Even though offering life counseling services, I came across a novel idea, inside the form of a question: Need to dogs be our role models? A minimum of in specific aspects of their behavior? Your dog doesn’t judge you, but loves you. You dog doesn’t dislike you, but loves you. In the event you hurt a dog it may well try to hide from you, or at times even fight back, however it does not hate you.

Dogs are faithful and dogs trust you. Dogs forgive you if you do them wrong, and will probably be licking your face 5 minutes right after you’ve shouted at them. Dogs don’t judge you but they do assist you if you require them. It is unlikely any human becoming could be like a dog, but the way a dog lives its life is certainly worth emulating were you able to do so.

The way we may be like a dog would be to love ourselves, make the best of the lives we have been given and love others. A big part of that is to acknowledge all of the positive things we have in our lives, as well as those things we can strive for. The former is very dog-like, along with the former is employing our dog idea to go 1 step further and reaffirm our status as individuals.

Living your life with a positive outlook is often a main idea stressed by life coaching. In the event you can look around and see that our canine pals are genuinely happy with what they’ve, then you are able to mirror that behavior as a human and see tangible outcomes in your life proper away. Imagine just how much success you’ll then enjoy as you use the power of positivity to grow your life, your relationships and your business endeavors.

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