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Posted on October 11, 2010
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Everyone makes mistakes in grammar or spelling occasionally. In fact, errors can crop up in the most unlikely places, such as a college essay, a business proposal or a personal email. Because they are busy or don’t care, most people just don’t spend enough time proofreading their work. There can be great detrimental ramifications for not following the English grammar and spelling rules.

Most people think of a spelling and grammar checker as an easy way to correct mistakes on written work. It can be difficult to find your own mistakes, so with a checker to help you, the errors will be found and corrections made. You will write better papers just by using your checker for this purpose alone.

However, without realizing it, you are also learning more about the English language by using a spelling and grammar check. Your mind will make a mental note of your mistakes as the corrections are made. The next time you see that word or phrase, you will more likely know the correct way to write it. The feedback you receive from the software will naturally help you learn more about grammar and spelling. Gradually, you will stop making the same errors, as you will be learning as you go. It’s like having your own personal writing tutor.

In order to survive on a business level, it’s so important to use concise, clear and convincing language. You will be more able to compete in the corporate world if you have a good command of the English language. As you work each day, there are times when you must communicate your plans and ideas to others. Only with a good understanding of English will you be able to convey those thoughts. Otherwise, people who read your documents will not be sure of exactly what you are trying to communicate. In fact, if things are not written clearly, it could bring confusion and even cost your company money.

Educators are realizing that much of the English population is using poor grammar and spelling. The technology of instant messaging, emails and texting have become a very real part of our world. The bottom line is that many people have developed poor writing habits by abbreviating and using as few words as possible when communicating through mobile devices and computers. Even newspapers, magazines, and television shows are using bad grammar, proving that the importance of using correct grammar and spelling has slipped in recent years.

Therefore, your teacher or your child’s teacher may have higher expectations for learning the English language than in years past. If you are a student or have a student in your home, you can appreciate the benefit of having a grammar and spelling checker. If you or your child struggle with spelling and grammar, writing assignments such as book reports and essays can be especially stressful. Schools and universities have become much more competitive about writing and often offer scholarships and prizes to those who win.

Your ability to use good English makes a difference in how people perceive you. On the other hand, the inability to use correct spelling and grammar will make people think that you are ignorant and lazy, because you don’t take the time to check your work and make the necessary corrections. Although people have tried to undermine the importance of good grammar and English, the fact remains that your mastery of the English language is important in order to be successful and communicate with others.

Thankfully, there is grammar corrector that can help find and suggest corrections to errors that are made. Those who struggle with using proper grammar will especially benefit from a grammar checker online that can even correct errors on emails and social networking sites. With a spelling and grammar checker you can see the errors that have been made and correct them accordingly, paving the way to success through your ability to master the English language.

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