Important Information For Men – How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back When She Needs Space?

Posted on February 20, 2011
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One of the biggest questions that men find themselves wondering about is, how can I get my ex back when she needs space? This is a really important question, because when most girls-led break ups occur, it has something to do with needing space. When anyone says that they need space in a relationship, they’re basically saying that they aren’t completely satisfied in the relationship. This is actually a blanket response during a break up, and could simply be a cover to avoid speaking up concerning what is actually going on.

Sadly, when a lady says that she needs space and needs to end the relationship, it typically implies that they have decided not to be with you, but they don’t actually wish to put the effort into helping you understand why.

When a girl asks for space, they are indicating that something is really wrong, but instead of help you solve the problems and revive the flame in the relationship, they would rather walk away. If you are asking “How can I get my girlfriend back when she actually needs space?”, this is a good sign because it means that you are prepared to attempt to make things work, and that implies that yes, there’s still hope.

The fact that she needs space is a pretty clear cut sign that communication between the two of you is flawed in a way. It is vital that you discover a way in, to be able to figure out what is actually bothering her if you have any hopes of rekindling things and making the relationship work again. This could be tough, because evidently she has decided to shut you out for some reason, but it’s not impossible. Since so many men are asking “How can I get my girlfriend back if she needs space?”, clearly this is a common phenomenon, and one that does have a solution.

The actual key to rekindling a relationship with an ex girlfriend who says that she needs space is to discover a way to talk openly with one another. Typically, a girl will use needing space as a method to point out that there’s a flaw in the relationship, and while she might not instantly open up about that flaw, it would still eventually have to be talked about. Start by making subtle hints that you are still interested in being part of her life.

Do not force yourself on her, but instead merely offer friendship and company and see how she reacts to this. When things are a little more comfortable in your new found friendship, you could begin to pry your way in a little bit more, mainly by placing subtle hints in the conversation about where the relationship might have awry.

When she is ready to confide in you, she will. You do not have to rush things or force things, simply take the conversation little by little and let her discover the best way to show you what happened. As soon as the problems are out in the open, they could hopefully finally be resolved.

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