Identifying The Correct Time Of The Day To Undertake GCSE Maths Revision

Posted on February 17, 2011
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In order to attain the maths grade that you want to have to take GCSE Maths revision very seriously. Many students will plan their revision meticulously, only to find that it doesn’t go too well and find that they can’t absorb information. This if often down to the time of day that they are attempting to undertake revision.

Morning starts

For most people the best time for tasks such as GCSE Maths revision is in the morning. There is quite substantial evidence that our memory skills and brainpower is much better after we have slept. Longer periods for revision are also more likely in the mornings as they tend to be free from interruptions, making early sessions a good idea. Scientists believe that our capacity to learn is also increased during the morning as the act of waking up sends a clear message to our brain that it is time to start work.

Late revision sessions

Whilst you are trying to do your GCCSE Maths revision you will also be attending school, meaning that you can only do early morning revision sessions at weekends and in the holidays. This means that some of your revision will have to be done following your school day. Hitting the books right after your evening meal can often prove a turnoff due to feeling lethargic. To get around this problem you should have a bit of a snack when you get in from school to give an energy boost, then take an hour to do some revision. After you have eaten your evening meal take a little bit of time to yourself to relax and then if you feel in the right frame of mind you can do some more revision later on.

Bad times to revise

If you find that you are especially tired, but still haven’t done your evenings GCSE Maths revision session as planned, then it can be a good idea to give it a miss and get an early night. This should mean that you can get up an hour earlier than usual and cram in some revising before you set off for work.

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