I Was Sweating Away The Pounds When I Started Playing Games

Posted on April 3, 2011
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I am working towards my college degree. I was taking a class that required me to do a project that would last for the whole semester. We were going to do research on what happens when someone has a big event that alters their life. The easy way out was to see what happened when someone had a major life event and write about it. They were going to see how people felt about their alternate lifestyles. For me, this idea was not attractive. I decided that I would change my lifestyle. But what kind of transformation should I undergo.

Most of my life I have been on the heavier side. I did not eat well and like many college students found it hard to turn down an offer of pizza and a beer. Being overweight gave me the perfect opportunity to make a change that I could write my paper about. I was going to find a fitness program to get healthy.

After deciding what to do, I had to figure out how to do it. I was going to do it in a new way that many people tout and that is through the use of video games that involve motion control like the xbox 360 kinect or the Nintendo Wii, or the Playstation Move that seem to have become commonplace in just about anyone who has a children now have in their home and has become popular with people of all ages.

Motion gaming is fun to do and it would be a good way for me to try to get the body I wanted. I would document the results and write my paper on whether it worked for me or not. I had most of the year to get the results before the paper was due. I set realistic goals and hoed that I would be able to achieve them. I do not think I ever expected the results that I got.

It was not hard to find out that there were plenty of titles that I could choose from to get into shape and I picked one out. My laptop gave me a place to store my thoughts and the actual results I got. Besides follow the fitness regimen that the game allowed, I found a healthy diet for me to use. I thought it would be hard to follow a good fitness regimen, but it was not very hard for me to do. It was all a matter of looking in the right places. The key was knowing what to put in my body and what I should avoid. One thing I knew that would have to change is the amount of partying that I would do, but this turned out to be a blessing because it created more time for me to start using the kinect system that I had on a regular basis because I was not either hanging out with friends in a bar or sleeping off the effects of those late nights.

As the semester went on, I began to see some results. I was getting fit and trim. My body seemed to be more alive. Getting trim was only one of the benefits I was receiving. The change in lifestyle affected more than my body. They were also changing the way that I was doing other things. There were plenty of people who also cared about who they look and befriended me. Many of them were of the opposite sex. I had the confidence with females that I never dreamed of. I found out that both males and females can have fun with video games. I based my paper on these findings. The teacher gave me the highest grade.

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