I Tried To Be The Biggest Loser

Posted on February 1, 2011
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I got hooked on reality competition shows a long time ago. I look forward to shows that have been on in the past, waiting for their new season. The best part about them is that there are many different kinds of shows to enjoy. For a few years one of my favorites has been The Biggest Loser. I am not sure exactly why I like it, but I can take some guesses.

One thing that intrigues me is that I understand the contestants. I am not happy with the size of my body either. I might not be as bad as some of the contestants on the show, but I am not at a healthy weight either. It is not the same as when I was younger though. Watching the show has given me some motivation to be on it. I hear about all the risks that are associated with obesity and get worried. I do not want to put my health at risk because of my lifestyle, but I also did not want to go find a way to learn how to lose weight fast if there was something better that I could do, and the things that I saw on the Biggest Loser looked like a healthier way for me to get into shape, but the problem I faced was actually doing what I was supposed to do.

I also enjoy learning about the contestants. These people on the show seemed like everyday people. They just struggled with their weight. Just like me they have to undergo the struggles of every day life. This could be the show that needs me on it. I went as far as going online to the shows website. I looked into how to become a contestant. That is where I stopped. In the end, I knew I was not overweight enough to be considered for the show. I had a problem, but I would have to fix it myself.

I knew that if I wanted I could crown myself a champion weight loss person. One night after watching a bunch of television I decided to find a way to get my body into the shape it was supposed to be in and I knew that the answer was not in the infomercial that was airing that promised to help a person find a way how to lose weight fast at home in a week, but rather would require me to make the effort to eat right and exercise regularly if I was to really get into shape. So I started searching for ways to do just that.

The first place I turned to was the internet which had an abundance of plans that promised to help me. A medical professional was the next place that I turned to for advice on what to do. The diet was easy, but a work out was harder to do. I had never worked out before. Fortunately there were plenty of fitness clubs in my area to guide me. By turning to the help at a gym, I was able to find a program that would work for me and would allow me to get healthy in a reasonable amount of time if I did the work.

I was able to commit myself to my new program. The weight did not come off as quickly as it did for the contestant on the show. But it did come off. It might not have been fast, but it was happening. The food I was eating was helping me feel better. As time went by the intensity and length of my work outs kept increasing. Along the way not everything went according to plan. But I would not give up just because of a misstep. It made me the Biggest Winner.

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