I Loved To Eat

Posted on March 12, 2011
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I am not sure at what time I noticed that something was not right. There is evidence that I was dealing with the problem when I was very young, but it is not something that is memorable for me. My first recollection of having food cravings came when I was about ten years old and I started taking public transportation to get to school only to find out about a donut shop that was near the bus stop and sold the best cinnamon rolls I had ever had and I knew that I would be getting one everyday on my way to school from then on. The idea of doing this gave me a reason to get out of bed every day to go to class. When the weekends or summer arrived, I had nothing to replace it and make me feel as good.

Because of the foods that I was eating I was not a fat kid, but I was definitely overweight. There were plenty of things that I did to get a lot of exercise. All of the physical activity is what probably kept my weight at a reasonable amount. But as I grew older, the amount of physical activity I got decreased and with that my weight went higher and higher.

I did not have a certain thing that I had to eat. I definitely had a sweet tooth and loved my donuts, and desserts. I also had a supply of carrots and other healthier options that I would turn to on occasion. I was fat because I never seemed to stop eating no matter what the food was. I loved to go to buffets where I could stuff myself, but I hated the looks that people would give me. It seems like every one knew that I had a problem.

I completed my education despite my food problem. It did not take me long to find a job that suited me. Most of the people who I knew thought that I was content with the way that things were. The truth was that I did not like what I was doing. I did not like the way that food controlled my life. Thoughts of food were always in my head and I always thought about what to eat next. It did not matter if I was eating out or cooking something at home. The thoughts of what to do dominated my time.

After a few years of working I decided that I had to start overcoming food addictions, and that I would need help to do so I went to see a mental health professional and through that person’s guidance I saw a health professional who planned a diet for me and a fitness professional who came up with a workout program for me and with the help of these people I was able to start facing the food problem I had and the problems that it was causing in my life.

I was not new to the idea of weight loss and I experienced many plans. I never seemed to diet for a long time. I would lose some weight and then gain it back. I was a victim of yo-yo dieting. I could not accept this as the way it had to be. I needed to do more than shexd a few pounds. It was time to face the fact that the food addiction I had was the real problem and it would have to be faced. Unless I changed the way I thought, I would not be able to commit myself to making the right choices on a regular basis.

I have not been perfect in my program. For the most part I am making the right choices. But the weight is coming off. I have been able to accept my addicition. I had found the proper place for food in what I did. Food does not dominate me anymore. I will reach my goal of a healthy weight. It might take a while. I am sure that I will get the job done this time.

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