I Lost Weight Through Motion Gaming

Posted on March 12, 2011
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It has been a long time since I have not felt fat. There have been a few attempts to lose the fat but I was not able to do it. Even though I belonged to a health spa, I did not maintain it for too long. It was something I did not use. It seemed that I would just have to accept the fact that I was fat and could not change it. But at some point I found the answer.

I was reading an article and in the article was a advertisement for how to get a free xbox 360 and rather than ignoring it like I normally would I checked it out, filled out the information and a month or so later was notified that I had won and I would be receiving my new Xbox in just a short while so I decided that I would look into the best ways for me to use this new system so that I could get the most out of my unexpected windfall.

The new system was not the same as the ones that I had used as a child. There was no need to use a remote control. The way I moved controlled the action on the screen. I would have to get up off of the sofa to play. That meant I was going to get some physical activity. The idea came to me that it might be possible for me to lose weight if I incorporated the gaming into the plan. Many games are being sold for this purpose and I was able to go through a wide selection until I found one I liked.

I decided to do a little extra work. I wanted to learn what a person had to do to get to a healthy weight. I had seen a weight loss reality show where some people with a serious weight problem were able to get into shape in a fairly short time. Knowing that others have been successful made me want to succeed also. My research showed that by eating right and working out a person can get fit and trim. I knew that I had to make those changes to get healthy.

This time I was going to start to use all of the tools that I had acquired as time has passed by. My new gaming console made it more difficult for me to avoid working out. No longer could I use the excuse of waiting until it was nicer out if I wanted to start exercising. It was going to be done in the comfort of my own living room. I also started to use my computer to keep a journal. I could write about what was going on with my fitness regimen. I set goals. I tracked my progress. This was done in addition to what the fitness game did for me.

My wife and kids became involved when they saw how much fun the console was. My young son loved to exercise with me and always seemed to have the energy to do more. My wife became my workout partner. We were going to get healthy as a family.

To help our diet we looked online for better ways to cook and were not disappointed. Research turned up healthy alternatives to many things that we enjoyed. We tracked what we ate in our journal. Knowing what we were eating made it harder for anyone to cheat. We found out that we actually could cook and it was something that was a lot of fun to do.

Many months have passed since we received our kinect system and it has been great as I have taken off much of my extra weight and kept it off and because the system was free and we did not spend much on games, and due to the fact that eating healthier was actually cheaper, we are in better financial shape as well. It has been a good thing.

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