How Your Diet Affects Your Thyroid

Posted on April 1, 2011
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It is actually common for a person to have a thyroid that is malfunctioning in some way. There are many things a person can do to control the symptoms. What someone eats is something that is thought to play a part in how well or how badly their thyroid is working according to studies that have been done. Chemicals that are in many foods can affect the way that the gland operates. The studies have not shown conclusive evidence about how well any one food works. The idea of making the right choices about what to eat are still important for any one who is dealing with a thyroid condition no matter how well they work.

There are certain types of foods known as goitogens, which includes foods such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, pine nuts, spinach, gluten and soy that can cause the thyroid to have difficulty in the synthesizing of the thyroid hormones and can lead to thyroid enlargement and sluggish functions which a person will recognize as symptoms of low thyroid condition if they were to investigate and consider the diet they are following. There are foods that should be limited but still can be eaten if a person is suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The key to an effective diet is balance. The effects of these foods can also be mitigated by how a person prepares them. If a person heats to food up it can reduce the problems that they cause.

Iodine plays an important role in maintaining thyroid function because it can block the effects from eating goitrogenic foods, and also because your thyroid needs iodine in order to produce its two main hormones, so if there is one nutrient that you need in your diet to maintain your thyroid health, it is iodine, and although some people may turn to a low thyroid diet pills there are other ways that a person can add foods to their diet that contain iodine such as iodized salt, yogurt, eggs and sea vegetables.

When a person has a problem with their thyroid , their metabolism is affected. The hormones that are produced help regulate the metabolism. When a person feels sluggish because of their thyroid it is not making the hormones fast enough for the body. How a person eats also plays a role in this function. With a slower metabolism a person will have a tendency to gain weight. A person is using fewer calories that it is taking in and the extra is stored as fat. In that case it is necessary to eat foods that will boost the metabolism. Eating proper portions of food is another key part.

People can make other choices to help them use the calories more efficiently. It is possible to alter your fitness regimen to help your body. Skipping meals is a bad idea for anyone, but especially for those with this problem. Rather than one large meal a day a person should eat several small meals. It can allow a person to stay at a consistent level. When a person gets up into the morning they need to make the right choices. A good breakfast will help to jump start a person’s metabolism. When a person has a malfunctioning thyroid, any little thing can help.

People suffer from thyroidism differently. If a person notices any of the symptoms they should consult with a physician for a diagnosis. If properly treated with medicine a person will not have many problems. A medical professional can also offer advice about alternative treatments. There are no restrictions on a person who has the condition properly controlled. The individual needs to decide what to do and not leave it up to the condition.

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