How Video Gaming Has Changed

Posted on January 2, 2011
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People are able to turn into super heroes or great athletes when they play on the new gaming consoles. Manufacturers are coming up with more advanced games every day. The idea of virtual gaming is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. It makes the game play real through physical involvement in the game. Rather than sitting on a sofa with a joystick in hand, a gamer is able to become a part of the game through their own movements.

The trend caught up in 2007 with the launch of gaming console Nintendo Wii, which released an array of sports: tennis, baseball, golf, bowling and boxing and since that time has increased as motion sensing technologies have been incorporated in other consoles like the xbox 360 kinect. It is remarkable to see how much the consoles have grown.

Sony Playstation has caught up with the Wii revolution and with its move system. It uses both a camera and a controller to simulate the movement of the player. It allows gamers to play a variety of interactive games that feature terrific graphics.

Microsoft Xbox has a similar device in the market with it recent xbox 360 kinect release date, which allows people to play games without the need of a controller and it promises to create an exciting new way to enjoy video gaming with an exciting array of gamer titles made specifically for the Xbox system.

For a person who does not find the choices of these systems to be for them, there are other ways for them to get involved in this type of gaming. The availability of platforms that are sold separately and can connect to a persons television enables a person to choose what they want. The downside of these games is there simplicity. The titles that they offer are not as varied. But they are also not as expensive as the others are. Younger children might find this type of system perfect for them.

Some people are using there phones to play games. Mobile devices are like small computers and they are able to do a lot of different things. This new technology has put video gaming into a whole new venue.

A nice advance that has been made with the different motion control platforms is the multi purpose uses for them. Not only can a person play video games but they can also see other forms of entertainment through them. The systems include the ability to surf the internet too. The internet gives a person an endless supply of people to enjoy their gaming experience with. Information can be directly downloaded to the systems. The consoles are like having a computer in the home. A person can use the games in so many ways it makes them more affordable. Instead of buying a DVD player and other things a person can buy one of these systems.

There is no end in sight to what the gaming companies will come up with next. Computers seem to get more powerful with each passing day. Designs for what people will want next are being considered. So enjoy motion gaming while it lasts. Nobody knows how video games will be played in coming years. Then the days of the Wii will be just a memory. A person should not avoid playing these motion games because they think something better will come along. You will not believe what you have missed.

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