How Motion Gaming Changed My Life

Posted on March 11, 2011
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There were a lot of things that made me happy. As I approached forty years old I had achieved many of the goals I had set for myself when I was younger. I had gotten married and had children. We had a good place to live. My work was fulfilling. But like many of my peers I seemed to have developed a definite pattern to my life. There was not much variation in the way that we did things.

A day would consist of very basic things including going to the office, eating dinner with the family and falling asleep to the TV. There was very little variation in the routine. It was difficult to do anything else and when I could I would be suddenly pulled to help out my kids. My schedule would not let me do anything for myself.

My life and the way that I was living change shortly after the recent xbox 360 kinect release date when my kids convinced me to spend time in a line waiting to get one of these gaming systems so they can join their friends who all seem to have one and so I could regain my title as world’s greatest dad at least until something new came along that they would have to have. The surprising thing was that it was not the waste of money that I thought it would be. I would change the way that I was doing things because of this console.

We took the new xbox 360 kinect and also bought a few games to go along with it and when we took it home and out of the box, my kids were able to set it up on our big screen television in a very short time and it was not long before everyone in the family was watching and playing the games together. We had chosen games that were for people of all ages. Each person was given the opportunity to pick a title that interested them. This got everyone involved.

I chose a game that promised to help me follow an exercise regimen. Playing on the new platform, my movement would show up on the screen when I played. It included a lot of activities that were fun to do. Best of all I was getting much needed exercise. There was a definite need for me to exercise and I had forgotten it. My free time was spent in front of a television before. I did not have to put much effort into this activity and never broke a sweat. Now I was up and dancing around in front of the television. The physical activity was much needed.

Our family started playing the gaming system more and more. Physically, it was making a difference. My body was able to do more than I was used to. The pep I was feeling allowed several good things. Rather than not finding time to do things, it seemed like I had more time to do things. Days were not longer, but I was more productive with my use of time. Because of the increased energy we all felt we found different outlets for it. Bicycling became a family hobby. There were days when we went to the park together. I joined in on the activities with my family and found that I was not trying to catch my breath all of the time. It was activities that were fun by all.

Video games might be the reason that we have gotten together again. I have managed to get fit and trim. I am communicating more with my family. I am happier than I had been in a while. And the pattern that I thought was my life is gone for good.

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