How I Dealt With Thyroidism

Posted on March 19, 2011
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It did not seem like a big deal at first. Things were going on both inside and outside of me and I was not expecting it. At first I said it must be a part of the aging process. I found it difficult to chalk up everything that I was feeling to the fact that my body was hitting middle age.

I did some research on the computer and went to a medical website that allowed me to put in the symptoms that I had including recent weight loss, sluggishness, fatigue, I was anxious and irritable, my hands ached and my skin was dry and the website told me that these were the symptoms of low thyroid condition and it also explained why I was feeling more depressed about things I did not understand. People sometimes have to deal with a gland that does not function well enough to keep the body supplied with a sufficient level of the hormones that are created in it. If there are too many hormones it means a person is dealing with hyperthyroidism.

In order to resolve the problems I faced I was required to face the problem. There was no sense to not admitting the symptoms. The good news is that it is treatable, and the bad news is that it does not go away so it would be something that I would be dealing with for a long time and it was not a simple solution of taking a few low thyroid diet pills but would require me to make some changes in my lifestyle to compensate for the problems that an under active thyroid cause on a person’s body, but the lifestyle changes were doable and I decided to find out exactly what I would need to do.

I made an appointment to see my physician. I told him my symptoms and he agreed that it could be a thyroid problem. To find out conclusively if this was correct I would have to get some blood work done. I had the blood work done and the results were given to my doctor in a relatively short time. It did not surprise me when I got the results. I had hypothyroidism. Now it was time to do something about it.

Getting onto a regimen of pills was the beginning of my treatment. He told me it would take a while to determine the correct dosage for me. It would be a case of adjusting it until you find what works. I was assured that we would eventually find the right dosage for me. The idea of using only drugs was not something that appealed to me. Besides taking pills there were ways for me to help the thyroid that I had seen when I was trying to find out what was wrong with me. I decided that I could get additional information to help me.

My research turned up many interesting things. There were certain foods that I could add to my diet that would help my thyroid. There was also food that could suppress the thyroid that I need to avoid. A healthy diet would not only help my thyroid, but it would help the rest of my body as well. Physical activity is another thing that can allow you to treat thyroidism. Again this helped my overall health. I also learned that I needed to worry less than I was used to doing. Stress can affect your thyroid among other parts of the body.

When I began my healthier regimen I started a diary. The use of this allowed my doctor to make adjustments to my medicine a lot faster. The changes became something I enjoyed rather than something I had to do. Despite being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I feel better than I have in years.

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