How Full Figure Shapewear and Firm Shapewear Changed My Life!

Posted on August 1, 2010
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You may wonder why I talk about shapewear as much as I do. Stop everything else you are doing, because this is a lengthy story. So sit tight.

I, like most women around the world, love Oprah. Who doesn’t? She’s an American Icon who made it to where she is by utilizing her mind, her social prowess, and overcoming a huge self esteem issue caused by an obesity issue. It isn’t surprising that besides Michael Jackson, it’s the name Oprah that children and women worldwide recognize.

So I was a slightly overweight child. OK I wasn’t like massive, I just felt insecure when the other one-hundred pound girls pranced around in tiny clothes and obsessed over their .25 pound weight gain. So naturally I didn’t frequent the popular teenage spots that most young people frequent, namely malls, swimming pools, school dances and other social situations which necessitated cute, tiny clothes. I just avoided all social situations which might force me to wear clothes that stuck to my frame and increased my self-consciousness.

And so I would stay in every night, get out a carton of ice cream and watch Oprah reruns. Let me tell you- I loved Oprah.

So of course, I was screaming and jumping for joy when I watched an episode of Oprah which had a woman named Sara talking about her brand Spanx! . She’s talking about footless pantyhose, slimming apparel, and much more. So I Google her. And I find the answer to everything I’ve ever wanted- Full Figure Shapewear! It hits me like a freight train! As I frantically search the web for more information I realize that there’s something like full figure shapewear has existed since the 18th century. It seems that shapwear of the 18th century is actually synonymous with the foundation garment. So brassieres and corsets of the 18the century are synonymous with today’s shapewear. Today’s shapewear isn’t uncomfortable, it’s smooth, light and feels as if you are wearing nothing. In fact, contrary to popular perception, when I wear Firm Shapewear I don’t feel constricted at all. I feel light and without a care. Forcing me to sit straight at all times, full figure shapewear ensures that I don’ slouch.

And you wouldn’t believe, once I got my confidence, I began to want to look EVEN better. So basically, once I started wearing firm Shapewear, I began to want to push my body to improve. I finally began to max out my gym membership. I learned the power of eating healthy, because I had come to respect my body. I stopped drinking alcohol. I quit smoking. All I needed was that feeling of ‘not worrying’ constantly about my weight. Slimming Apparel did that for me. Once I was comfortable in my clothes I was able to completely transform my lifestyle.

I mean I guess you could debate that it’s actually my love of Oprah that transformed my life. Since I may never had taken to slimming apparel had it not been for that awesome Oprah episode.

So tell me. What do you think?

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