How Does Something Like The Absonic Belt Work

Posted on October 20, 2010
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Many wonder what the difference is between the different types of electronic Muscle Stimulators. It is easy to say that there is a difference between the different devices because of their different names like the Absonic Belt, but exactly what the differences are need to be defined because there are two types of EMS devices known as TENS and Russian Muscle Stimulation and different devices can do different things such as stimulate sensory nerve endings rather than just muscles.


Electronic Muscle Stimulation uses a relatively low voltage that targets motor nerves in order to stimulate them. What this does is cause a contraction of the muscle. A constant series of little shocks cause the muscle to be flexed back and forth. This constant contracting and relaxing has been used as an effective method to treat various vascular and muscoskeletal conditions. This keeps circulation going and better circulation means oxygen and nutrients can be carried to the muscles much easier.

Machines that stimulate the nerves

One kind of the electric stimulation equipment is the Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It does work in a slightly different manner than most of them. The electric signals that these machines give out are designed not to stimulate muscle contractions, but are instead supposed to hide what a person is feeling. By shocking a person, they not only disguise the pain a person is feeling but cause a person to produce natural medicines. It is like giving a person a shot of medicine to relieve the pain that they are feeling.This can be used in place of drugs that are often given to a person. There are lots of ways that a health professional can use these machines to assist a person who is injured in some way, but they are usually not available for a private individual. There is plenty of documentation proving the worth of these machines for treating people. They are a proven alternative to many issues that often time require strong and addictive drugs or a person to control.

Nerve stimulation devices

This is another piece of equipment that use electricity to target the nervous system. There is more electricity that is generated with these devices than the other do. The stronger shock means that the body reacts in a different way and that this type of treatment can hurt more. Only people who are under the care of their doctor should turn to the Russian muscle stimulators.

Overall benefits

When used with exercise and proper diet, EMS devices can be quite helpful, but if your goal is losing weight fast or if you want to use them to get those six-pack abs, the EMS device should be used in combination with a total fitness program and a person should not expect them to perform miracles on their own. If you are looking to get fit and trim, do not expect to use something like a TENS device. This is a much more intense device that needs to be used under the supervision of a doctor.

But when using an EMS like the Absonic Belt during exercise, the nerves and muscles will recover faster and the growth of the muscles as well as their endurance and strength do improve when used before and after exercise and a person will receive the benefits of the machine because there are also areas of the body that may not be reached through exercise and an EMS device can stimulate those areas, which helps promote overall physical health. It is not possible for a person to use these devices without anything else to get fit and trim. They can be a part of a healthy lifestyle that includes both diet and exercise.

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