How Come My Cleansing Program Failed

Posted on September 30, 2010
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When you go on a detox diet, you will lose a few pounds, and you may be impressed by the way your stomach flattens and there are three explanations for that with the first one being that your digestive tract is very long – nearly 30 feet and that can hold a lot of waste. An effective colon cleanse can purge your colon. Once it is done you will see the results on the scale. But those pounds will, obviously, go straight back on again as soon as I start to eat normally.
A person will be able to notice the smaller stomach that is partly a result of one of these plans. A second thing that occurs naturally in our bodies is the buildup of gas through the foods that we eat. The volume of our stomachs is enlarged because of this buildup. Remove the sugar, the fermentation stops and your tummy can deflate.
The final reason is, of course, that you’re starving yourself because most detox diets severely restricts the food you can eat and some do not allow you to eat food at all and that means your body has to feed on itself to survive which brings us to the first detox snag.
Detox Snag 1: Your metabolism will slow down
A bodies natural reaction to a lack of energy being provided is to shut down different parts to save energy that it thinks is lacking. This is normal for a persons’ body. Because of this conservation mode, the speed at which you burn the calories also slows down. But here’s the bigger catch. After you have ended your restrictions, you stay in that conservation mode even though you are eating like you used to. Because of this reaction, any weight that was lost, will return in a hurry since the calories are not burned as easily.
The second myth is that a detox will get rid of fat.
Most people think that if you starve yourself, your body will have to use fat for fuel but this is not so, because your body is determined to save your fat stores as long as possible and instead of lose fat naturally, it uses glycogen stored in your liver and muscles first, and that will last several days and thus a 3 or 4 day detox won’t shift any of that fat you’re hoping to get rid of.
Myth number three is that you will be able to workout while detoxing
A person should not workout hard while they are following one of these programs. You’re unlikely to have the energy for a vigorous workout when you’re not eating much. That means it’s likely you’ll be less active for the duration. If your aim is to lose weight, that’s a bad idea.
Fat does not use the same amount of energy as muscle does. Part of a physically fit appearance is to make sure that you are toned and have muscles to show off. It takes a regular schedule of exercises to maintain your body in shape like that. Stopping an exercise program for a detox can destroy what you have accomplished. What you gain from the detox doesn’t offset that setback.
Lots of people will tell you why you should or should not undertake one of these programs. The choice is different for every individual. When making the choice, consider some key items. Some of the fat will come off your body at first. If all you are looking to do is to get fit for a special occasion, then that is okay. But if you have more than that to lose, detoxing is more likely to be a speed bump on your road to success.

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