How Can You Shed The Pounds During The Teen Years

Posted on September 10, 2010
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Life is tough when you hit the age of thirteen. If a teen is overweight, that just adds to the problems that are face. There is something that can be done. Teens can use various programs to help them get into better shape. There are a few recommendations that can help them achieve this goal.

Figure out what you ideal weight is by using your BMI to know how much weight you have to lose. Eat a balanced diet while losing weight mostly by burning extra calories which means exercising even if that is just a six pack ab exercise program, and go to bed at the same time and sleep 6-8 hours every night. Consume 8-10 glasses of water daily.

There are a few things that a teen needs to be aware of that could keep them from reaching their goals. Never lose more than 2 pounds per week, and never lose weight by eating fewer calories without exercising, or do not limit or completely avoid eating any food group, while saying no to fast foods, and lastly don’t try to lose weight fasting or skip meals, the best way to lose weight is to eat 5-6 meals everyday

A teen can concentrate on 4 areas in order to shed the unwanted pounds.
Step one is to exercise. All exercise regimens should target both muscles and exercises that can get a person’s heart rate up. To get the body fit and trim, both kinds are necessary. A person will find themselves losing fat and the weight that comes from that even if they are adding more muscles to their body.
Step two is to eat a balanced diet and slowly reduce calories. Lower your calories in your diet by five percent over the first fourteen days. In week 3 a person should lower their intake by ten percent. In week four a person should be taking in fifteen percent less than they did when they began. A person needs to limit their calories for twenty eight days. Do not skip working out and track the amount of pounds you are dropping. A teen should keep their weight loss to only about two pounds every week. When a person starts losing more than that they must increase their intake to balance it out. There are plenty of fad diets that are not healthy and should be avoided especially by teens.
The third component is to take a break. When you’re trying to lose weight stop the calorie reduction every 5th week of dieting. Start eating the amount you normally would, but following a more balanced diet. This is not the time to stop being physically active. After your seven day break, begin the twenty eight day regimen that you did before. It is the same as it was before, with the first fourteen days seeing a five percent reduction. That is followed by doubling that reduction for the next seven days. The last part of the month is the largest again with the same restrictions as before. Once the month is up take another break.
The fourth component is to stick with the regimen. It’s a diet cycle that you’re following. Limit the amount that you take in for the first twenty eight days, and follow it with a seven day vacation. When you finally are in the shape that you want, stop the regimen and eat healthy.
That is it and, yes, it’s that simple to tone and maybe build your muscles, slowly reduce your calories over 4 weeks eating a balanced diet, and end the cycle with a one week diet holiday but keep exercising to get you into the shape that you desire and this message is repeated many times over on the internet on chat forums such as biggest loser weight loss forum where people tell of their own weight loss journeys.
One final note should be made before starting. Consult with a physician to make sure that what you are undertaking is safe. It is also important to talk to a guardian about what you are trying too accomplish. It is something that should not be kept a secret.

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