How A Thyroid Problem Will Affect A Person’s Body

Posted on March 10, 2011
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A lot of people would like to get fit and trim. For some it remains something that can not be attained. One of the reasons they give for the failure is the not working out as much as they should. For some people the reason is in the food choices they make. They think the solution is to eat an extremely low calorie diet. For some people it does not matter how well they diet or how much they exercise, the weight will not go away. They are forced to live with the stares of others even though it might not be their fault. A thyroid that is producing too many hormones or too few hormones will make it difficult for a person to maintain a healthy body shape.
While some doctors erroneously dismiss thyroid disease as just another lame or lazy excuse for being overweight, the reality is that for millions of overweight people, thyroid disease is a very real reason behind weight problems and that a unexplained weight gain is just one of the many symptoms of low thyroid condition that also include reduced energy levels, dry skin and hair, constipation, and depression, and it is very important for a person to take the necessary steps to get the problem under control.
Many people do not even know they are having a problem with this gland. There is also the fact that many people are struggling with their body shape. Some people need to make the connection between the two issues. How many of the undiagnosed thyroid patients are also struggling with weight gain, or an inability to lose weight?
Many people are struggling with a weight problem. Some of those are facing more of an uphill battle, because they are dealing with an underlying thyroid condition. Going to a doctor and having a few tests done can unlock the mystery for some people who have been unable to lose the weight they want to.
The key to finding out if you have either an under active or an over active thyroid is to understand what the symptoms are for both of these conditions and although the underactive thyroid symptoms in women are slightly different that for a man, a simple look at the different symptoms and finding out if you are suffering from some or many of them will go a long way in helping a person decide if they have a problem or not.
Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism mean that the body is not making enough or is making too much of some of the hormones that regulate their body. A person is not able to burn calories in the way they should. In order for a person to burn the calories they take in, it is important for the body to run as efficiently as possible.
Men and women are subject to thyroid issues in different ways. Women are more likely to develop problems. People who smoke or used to smoke have a higher risk. Iodine deficiency is a problem for some. Eating too many raw foods that are called giotrogenic and include rutabaga, radishes, cauliflower, and kale Senior citizens are more likely to be affected also.
An under active thyroid is often accompanied by several noticeable characteristics. A person will be more tired than normal. People will have dry and tangled hair. Another symptom includes muscle and joints pain. Be aware of a raspy and horse voice.

For anyone who notices any of these symptoms, the key is to check with a doctor. The warning signs of a thyroid condition are varied and numerous. Once a person is properly diagnosed, the condition can be controlled. With medicine, a food regimen, and physical activity it is possible to lead a normal life. Without treatment a person will continue to struggle with a variety of symptoms. People who do not treat the problem could face larger issues. Do not brush the symptoms off as being unimportant. A person should not assume that they are not able to control their symptoms because of something they are doing wrong. A person will be better off if they confront the issue and deal with it.

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