How A Person Can Make Their Thyroid Work Better

Posted on March 3, 2011
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Millions of people suffer from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. How our body uses energy is controlled by the hormones that are released in this gland. Not all of the people who have this condition have been diagnosed with it and put on some type of treatment. The symptoms that accompany a thyroid problem are often thought to be the cause of a person’s lifestyle and the choices they make.
An under active, or hypothyroid, condition is one where the gland doesn’t produce enough hormones to function optimally and the symptoms of low thyroid condition are typified by weight gain, sluggishness, headaches, low energy, depression, low body temperature, dry skin and sensitivity to cold while an over active, or hyperthyroid, condition is the opposite and creates symptoms of restlessness or irritability, weight loss, tremors and other neurological signs and symptoms.
If a person is unaware of the condition they have they will take steps to correct it that will not help. Once a person is properly diagnosed with a thyroid problem, they can do many things to help themselves. People often start a pill regimen. For many people this is the solution they are looking for. But if a person wants to rely on something else, they can do that to. There are regimens that do not require a prescription that can allow a person to treat the condition.
The first thing a person can change is their diet. The extra ingredients in some spices can be avoided by using natural products like sea salt. By choosing certain foods a person can help an under active thyroid work better. Foods that boost the amount of fatty acids in their diet can help their thyroid. If a person follows a diet regimen they should make sure that it is healthy overall for them. A person should make sure that they get the proper balance of everything they eat. Make sure to find out what can help your thyroid work better. There are many foods that are good for helping the body produce the needed hormones. People suffering from hyperthyroidism are also able to control their thyroid by following a good diet.

Following a good food regimen can go a long way to keeping a person’s medical condition within their control. People can add or subtract things from their diet if they are watching it closely.
Many people have found success when they enlisted the services of a massage therapist. People have found that the detoxification process that occurs when this is performed helps their condition greatly. A massage can allow a person to feel better all over and that good feeling is an important part of any treatmen.

For both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid individuals, several herbs have shown efficacy in overall regulation of hormone levels of the thyroid and while some people might not like the idea of taking low thyroid diet pills there are many things that include lemon balm, verbena, gentian and bugleweed, or other herbs and nutritional supplements that include dried kelp, and St. John’s wort for symptoms of depression in hypothyroid conditions that have been highly effective for many people without the need of a prescription medicine.
There are a variety of things that a person can do to treat their problem without taking medication. Some people might not need anything else. It is important that a person discuss all of the options that they have with a health professional. It could be a serious problem if a person fails to do this.

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