Helpful Ways to Get Your Ex Partner Back

Posted on April 12, 2011
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It is really sad when a relationship had to break up. And most of the time, this ending to a beautiful partnership is caused by small problems that can easily be solved. However, they can also be caused by some pent-up problems just brewing for a long time but them exploded and got everyone hurt. But if the case is the first one, many broken relationship can actually be fixed if only you know what to say.

So to help you guys who is seeking to rekindle a past love, you should keep these simple tips in mind:

1. Sorry is not enough. Or at least just saying it isn’t. A very simple, half-hearted apology is probably the biggest mistake any guy can do after he have broken up with a girlfriend. Many guys think that just saying sorry will magically fix their relationship, and they are always wrong. Because if you want to get her back, you should also show it. Work hard for her forgiveness.

2. Listen to her. I know that this can be pretty hard work for most guys. But actually hearing out what your girlfriend has to say and understanding them will definitely help you get her forgiveness. Not only will you know what you did wrong, it will also help you figure out what work you need to do. During this time, you can also let her know about your feelings by truly opening up. By doing this, you can also let he know that you are a changed man and you are willing to give your relationship a second chance.

3. Avoid negative language. This is not limited to just saying bad words to her. Avoid the blame game as much as possible if you really want to get your ex-girlfriend back. Try to listen more instead of being vocal to avoid unneccessary problems. You should also avoid shouting or raising your voice as this doesn’t really help in your cause. Say things in a nice way at all times.

4. Avoid putting her down. This is a common mistake most men commit when trying to rekindle an old flame. Always act civil when talking with an ex. If things don’t go the way you plan it to be, don’t be quick to telling her that she is wrong and you are right. Never discuss past issues, especially petty ones, that may sound like you are attacking her as a person. No matter what happens, never be negative.

5. Always be sweet and gentle when telling her something. It may not be your style, but you can certainly bag some “Hallmark” tricks that you can surprise her with. And pretty much all the time, it will work to your advantage.

Getting your ex-girlfriend back is actually not that hard, as long as you know the things you have to do. And one of these things is talking to her properly. Girls like to talk, so you need to listen. Doing this will certainly help you big time get back your one true love that you once lost.

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