Helpful Suggestions For Avoiding Burnout By Managing Your Time Effectively

Posted on July 13, 2010
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We normally associate burnout with people who have highly stressful occupations or senior level executives. In truth, we are all vulnerable to suffering from this nasty condition, no matter what lifestyle we lead or occupation we hold, if we’re not careful. While some people may be way more susceptible to burnout than others, if you approach your daily activities in a “happy-go-lucky” way, not really focused at all, then you could wind up in this position yourself.

So many different situations could contrive to lead you towards a burnout phase. As time has gone by you might have taken on just a bit too much. For example, you might decide that you need to educate yourself more and take on an appropriate course, your job could be asking a lot of you, you could be looking after a sickening relative or a combination of any other factors. In all these situations, time management is so critical. If you don’t understand correctly, you won’t be able to fit in everything you have to do, setting priorities or delegating when you need to. If you feel that you’re always “putting out fires” and handling high-pressure situations as they arrive, your stress level will rise to such a position that you will almost inevitably reach burnout.

You must have a defined and clear journey through life and always be looking at a quantifiable goal. Without having such a goal ahead of you and applying time management techniques accordingly, you will just be missing the point in life. If you don’t have that goal ahead of you, you won’t be able to see any progress as you work so hard toward it and if you don’t know where your destination is, how do you know whether you’re making any progress? Such a level of organisation is essential to overcome the pressure packed points ahead of you.

Deep down inside, you may not really believe that you can achieve what you are setting up to do and this will lead to burnout in short order. Undoubtedly, you will be able to put in extra long hours and force yourself to work, being fairly good at time management in any situation, but your subconscious within you will preach at you, telling you that what you are doing is impractical and thus force you to build up an almost invisible resistance. Once again, burnout is not far away.

If you sense that you might be “burning out,” assess all the potential triggers and start to come up with a plan to ward off what may not be inevitable. Counsel the input and advice of a trusted friend or even seek professional help if you are unclear.

Understanding the importance of time management will help you to avoid burnout. Turn to online time management tools to really help you understand what it’s all about and by using time tracking software, a concerted plan will move you towards a position of efficiency and productivity. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, time management software can be your ally in the battle against burnout.

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