Heal Your Broken Heart – How to Get Your Ex Back

Posted on August 22, 2010
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So you’ve finally did it, you’ve dumped your ex. Did you do the right thing? Do you now want him back and heal your broken heart? If you had a close, loving relationship with a man whom you later dumped, you may want to get back together. You may have discovered that you had a lot invested emotionally in the relationship and decided to give it another try.

First of all, you need to analyze your own feelings. Are you still deeply in love with your ex? Or are you just feeling a bit overwhelmed at being alone and single? Sometimes the passion you are feeling can be confused with the comfort you once felt when you were together. You suddenly want your ex back because your life is so suddenly different, everything you did as a couple you now have to face alone. But comfort doesn’t make a great relationship. Love and Respect need to be there as well. If you still have passionate feelings for your old boyfriend, you can move onto the next step of how to win him back.

And examining how he feels about you is that next step. Does he still love you? Or is he too hurt by what you did and does he feel rejected by you? If the problems in the relationship were things you can work on, such as communication, time management, or goal awareness, then you can win your ex back. But, if the problem was deeper then that, like you no longer felt in love with him, you should start to move on now. Sometimes we mistaken the loneliness we feel after a breakup for the love we think we have for our ex.

If you have worked out that he is your soul mate and you are still in love then you can start to try and get thing back on track for the two of you. If you think back to who you were when you first got together, how different are you now? Have you gain a bit of weight? Were you much more independent?

After you spend time as a couple, you both begin to change. You both begin to demand more time with each other and you spend less and less time with your friends or on other things you use to love. You both also may have let yourselves go because you feel secure in each other’s affection.

You need to show your ex that you are still the same person he fell in love with in the first place, if you want to win him back.

Another tip to how to win your ex back is to practice detachment but also give him the sense that you are still interested and miss him. Don’t call, text, or stalk him. You don’t want to appear desperate.|To avoiding looking desperate, don’t call or text him and also don’t stalk him!|You must avoid texting him, calling him or stalking him, you don’t want to look desperate and make him run the other way.} While you are trying to win him back don’t put any pressure on him, a random text or phone call to let him know you are still interested is fine. As you slowly build up the trust again, you’ll become more desirable to him as you show him a bit of the person he fell in love with.

You should focus on yourself and what makes you happy as you give him space as well. You get reconnected to friends and family. You take up hobbies and other things which interest you. Regardless in the process you’ll end up being more positive. You will be able to win him back once he sees the more confident you and he’ll begin to trust you again.

Use your past to your advantage as you get together with your ex from time to time. Like if there was an outfit he loved, then wear it. Or a restaurant you both loved, let him know you were just there. Bring up the great times you had through out your past history to win him back.

Ask him to come to casual events from time to time. Ask him to join a group of your friends at a bar or invite him to a party. Include him in these events and he’ll know he is still very much part of your life.

Finally, if you want to win your ex back and heal your broken heart, just be yourself. If he loves you enough to trust you again or he doesn’t. You should just be yourself because you shouldn’t have to change who you are.

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