Heal Your Broken Heart – 3 Tips to Help Someone Fall in Love with You

Posted on November 4, 2010
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Girl loves boy or boy loves girl except they love somebody else, you witness it all the time in movies or on TV. Magically though, by the end of show they get together and live happily ever after. Can this fairy tale happen in real life? Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you and heal your broken heart?

Here are 3 tips to help that special someone fall in love with you:

1. Common Interests – When people share a common pastime, they are often drawn to one another. As you get to know each other, find out their interests and if you share any. Whether you share a love of hiking or reading the same kinds of books, you can build on it. Don’t ever lie about an interest, if the person ever found out, you would be breaking their trust and could jeopardize any further relationship. Also, you never want to be someone you aren’t; you shouldn’t have change “who” you are for someone you love.

2. Qualities – People look for people who have traits they like or think highly of when they are looking for a partner. For instance, a man who is a non-smoker, over the age of 35 and has a great sense of humor, is all my friend will date. Do you have traits that are attractive to the person you love? When you investigate prior relationships, are there any like qualities shared between ex-partners? Are there any qualities that are similar between you and them? There is a reason or reasons why they broke up, so be careful and don’t be just like his ex’s. That little something they were attracted to could be as simple as having the door being held open for them, holding their hand or made them feel special in some way.

3. Be a good friend – I believe a good relationship starts with friendship. You will become a very important part of their life as your friendship develops even though it may take a long time to get the person you love. You cannot stand still and wait for them but if they need you, be there for them, and be a good listener. Continue living is what you must do and as such you should try dating other people. If you look like you are just there for them at every whim you will only look pathetic. It may sound weird to date other people while you wait for them but you have to show them that you have a life and other people are attracted to you, it may make them look differently at you, they may even find you more attractive.

It’s difficult and heartbreaking when the person you love doesn’t love you back. That’s not the way is has to be. You could have a fairy tale ending just like on TV or in the movies, but if these 3 tips don’t work, that person may not be the one for you and you will have to know when to move on and try to heal your broken heart.

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