He Loves Someone Else However You Love Him Mend My Broken Heart

Posted on October 4, 2010
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When the one you love is in love with somebody else, is there a technique to mend your broken heart? You have been adoring him privately, been friends with him forever and you know that he is “the one”! All you can think about is how much you want to be with him, how great your relationship could be… but he is in love with someone else.

It can be very painful when you can’t be with the one you love and even more so when you see he’s with someone else. Is there a way to get him to love you? You will need to be patient if you plan to eventually have a relationship with him. These types of circumstances can take a long time to work out. You must keep your distance while he is with the other person however during this time you should remain good friends to him but do not force yourself on him.

Also, never put his current girlfriend down in front of him. As this will cause you to look jealous and spiteful which are two qualities men do not like in women. All you need to do is be there for him… as his friend, if this woman is amazing and he is ecstatic with her. He has to realize it himself if she is an unpleasant person so you will still need to be patient. When he finally sees the daylight and she shatters his heart, you will be there to help him pick up the pieces and be the rock he need to get through this.

You should date other people while you are being tolerant and waiting for him. Not to make him jealous but to explore your options. While you pass the time you need to be out there enjoying your life just don’t look for something significant. There is nothing worse than when they never come to you and you have spent your life waiting for them. You could become smitten with somebody else, you never know.

Another thing you can do is place yourself as a permanent fixture in his life; maybe you should become friends with his girlfriend. This will give you the opportunity to see if she loves him as much as he does her and you may even start to actually like her. The point is you can be there for him if anything should go wrong.

This will make your bond stronger if there is any possibility that you two can get together. I believe great relationships are built on friendship, because the honesty and trust are already there. You do not have to pretend to be someone who you believe he wants you to be since he has been friends with you for so long and he loves you for you. As it is with you, you have seen him at his best and worst and you still love him because of your friendship.

Be patient until he sees the light and realizes you are “the one”. You need to continue to go out with other men, to have fun and to be a wonderful friend to him, in other words, live your life. Be happy for him and be part of his life so you don’t have to mend your broken heart. If you really love him you’ll want him to be happy, whether it’s with you or not.

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