He Cheats On You, What Do and How to Heal Your Broken Heart

Posted on September 29, 2010
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All you are feeling is pain and anger because it was just revealed to you that he cheated on you. What can you do to learn to trust again and mend your broken heart?

We begin to look at the world differently when someone dear to us betrays us. Where do we go from here when we trusted them and then they shattered that trust? Forgive them or dump them, what do we do?

It will make us wild trying to think why he did it as his cheating is a massive blow to our confidence. Were we not attractive enough? Inadequate? What were we not providing in the relationship that caused him to go elsewhere for it? You have to investigate what went wrong in the relationship and scrutinize his affair, even if you can’t forgive him.

Was it a one-night or a full blown affair? It may not be his entire fault, as a full blown affair could imply any number of things. How have the two of you been getting along lately? Are you arguing all the time or still having fun? Is your relationship in a rut?

What enticed him into a one-night stand? Did he know the girl or was it someone he just met? Again you are going to have to examine your relationship, do you think it could happen again?

Either way you need to open up the lines communications with him, even though you are mad as heck at him! You have to find out if the relationship is worth fixing or not. Be very direct with him and ask him to be truthful and why he did. Is he apologetic? Your relationship to continue and succeed, does he want it? What is he looking for in the relationship and is he getting it, are things you need to know no matter how deeply it hurts. If you think you can offer the things that he needs, you may want to give him and the relationship another chance.

You know it is time to move on when the things he tells you he needs you either just don’t think you can do or isn’t you. He is not the right one for you, nor are you for him. And he may end up cheating again if you pretend to be someone you aren’t.

You will be able to forgive him once the trust has build up, which will take awhile if you decide to stay with him. You will not be doing yourself or him any favors if you tell him that you have forgiven him and then toss it back in his face every time you think something is amiss. If you are having trouble trusting him again then you may want to try counseling, it’s a difficult thing to learn to do again.

Now if you have chosen to let him go you may still have trouble trusting other guys. By making your new boyfriends pay for your ex’s mistakes this will only drive them away, so don’t, be truthful with the new boyfriends.

You need to learn from this situation so it doesn’t happen again, or hopefully you can see the signs before it happens. Healing your broken heart after his cheating is not an easy task, but you have to do what is right for you. Trust yourself even if you don’t trust him.

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