Great Bang Hairstyle

Posted on February 19, 2011
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At some stage you will want some bangs. Most of us have had a bang hairstyle before. In most cases when our moms decided what style would suit us best. It is strange how this haircut always makes a comeback but cannot be ignored by women. The temptation is to great. Some women just look awesome in bangs, could you be one of them?

However hold on for a moment and think about the following aspects before you get yourself into a hairy situation.

So if you have tried them or are about to here are some quick tips.

There are different facial shapes, so you will have to know whether you have one of the following: oval, long,round,heart or square. A lot of women do not know how to do this. If you are in doubt then simply measure your face. This is done by measuring from the top to the bottom, sideways at your cheekbones and then at the jawline. Now you can determine what your shape is.

Oval Form

This really is the shape to have. Simply because this facial shape will go with most hairstyles and you can select what bangs you like best.

Long Form

If this is you then you would want to shorten the elongated shape. The best choice would be longer bangs. If you choose them to be blunt it will be more fashionable.

Round Shape

Shorter bangs will be superb. However do not let them lie flat on your forehead. An asymmetric style will be wise.

Heart Form

Side swept bangs work beautifully with this facial shape. Try and cut the bangs just below your eyebrows. The forehead is a bit wide so if you do this you eliminate the wideness.

Square Form

Avoid blunt bangs at all costs. This will make it more prominent. An angled fringe will be just perfect.

However before you make the cut there are some important things to remember. Do you have a cowlick? Let your hairstylist explain how you would have to style the bangs. Before the hairstylist snips away ask her to show you how bangs will look on you by taking hair from the back and making a faux fringe. This will give you a pretty good idea. Ask them on the basis of your facial shape what will look good on your.

Bangs have to be cut often, so your hairdresser should do that at no extra cost. If your stylist doesn’t do this get another hairdresser.

If you really do not want to cut your hair then there is another alternative. You could always try some clip-in fringes. They will set you back approximately $30, but compared to a bad hairstyle that isn’t too much.

If you choose the correct bang hairstyle then you will look fabulous. If you still aren’t sure if this will be the right decision the visit my website today and you can upload your picture and try on different hairstyles .

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