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Posted on October 31, 2010
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Malachi 1-4
Comments from individuals on what they found helpful in the course of our Old Testomony journey:
The Old Testomony has helped me comprehend the human nature of us messing items up, then reaching
out to God, Him supporting, then we go back again to messing it up again. That’s me in a very nutshell.
When I was being persecuted at work…I was in very good company with all the characters in the bible.
I learned that God wants to talk with us. The Old Testomony walk taught me to pray.
I saw how patient God is with us as he molds our hearts, and his determination to do it. Out of pure and
ideal enjoy he continues to pursue our hearts relentlessly. To understand God loves me like that is priceless.!
These two years have helped me understand that I need to lead my existence for God, not me. I really feel I’ve had a King
David existence – strong for a very good while, off for a long while.
Comments about what individuals would like to have more discussed/would like a lot more enable with:
How about yet another two years of JV squad associates? Just kidding.
I’m weak in the area of prayer. Through this OT journey, countless characters have learned the energy
of fellowship with God. I have but to totally reside in a very existence of prayer.
I need enable understanding the minor prophets and their messages. Why are they there and how do they
influence me?
I’m still baffled about how we as NT Christians obey the OT – particularly the Levitical law. Do you know what it is we
to obey and what are we to skip?!..I enjoy the Lord and need to obey his commands, but there are some
weird verses in Leviticus.
— be aware, listen to message from May perhaps four, 2008 for a lot more on this question/topic
OT Story – The Ground We’ve Coated
Genesis 1-11…creation, fall, flood, nations (God interacting directly with people)
Genesis 12-50…Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (God forming a loved ones that would eventually turn out to be a
nation as a result of which He would mediate His presence.)
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth…Moses, Joshua, Deborah,
Samson, Ruth (God instructing this increasing nation, Israel, how to relate to Him as a result of social structures,
priests, prophets, and Scripture.)
one & 2 Samuel, one & 2 Kings, one & 2 Chronicles…Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon (Israel transitions into a
monarchy. God leads His individuals thru the office of the earthly king. Israel splits into two kingdoms –
northern kingdom of Israel, southern kingdom of Judah.)
Major & Minor Prophets…Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jonah, Malachi (The track-record of the
kings continues to spiral downward. God raises up prophets and sends them to the kings to speak His
word and address their wayward character. Some kings listened, most didn’t. Assyria invades, defeats
and deports the northern kingdom in 722. Babylon invades, defeats and deports the southern kingdom in
586 – this is known as the exile.)
Ezra & Nehemiah…Jews return from Babylonian captivity in three waves beginning in 537. Zerubbabel
leads the initial group, Ezra the second group, and Nehemiah the third group. The Jews begin rebuilding
the temple (under Ezra’s leadership) and then they set themselves to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem
(under Nehemiah’s leadership)!
Which brings us to the last book of the Old Testomony – Malachi, written around 430, about 100 years
after the initial wave of Jews returned from exile, rebuilt the temple and restored the walls.
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