Getting Physical Activity When School Is Out

Posted on January 7, 2011
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During summer break it is easy to get kids playing outside. How do you keep the kids active when the weather is much colder.? How can kids get the physical activity they need? If kids are in the classroom they are also given time to play games with their friends at sometime during the day. Just because the kids are at home does not mean that they can not find ways to get some exercise during their vacations.

One thing that parents can now turn to is video gaming and with the new style of motion gaming that is available on platforms like the Nintendo Wii, the xbox 360 kinect, and the Playstation move, it is possible for kids to get the physical activity they need while they are doing something that they love and if a parent is smart they will get the exercise they need by joining in with their kids. Although the physical activity of gaming is not that strenuous, it is some activity. It is also something that is easy to get the kids to do. A parent should keep a few things in mind about this type of activity.

1. Pick games your kids like. Kids will not be entertained by games that they do not find enjoyable. There are many different titles that are available and they span many different genres. Do not pick a title unless you are sure that your child will enjoy playing that type of game play. There are many titles that simulate sports games that are very good for getting children moving. Pick the game with your children to find one that gets the movement you want and the enjoyment that they want.

2. Be aware of the consoles on the market. The three main motion platforms all have their pluses and minuses and depending on your children’s age and gaming enthusiasm picking the right platform is very important, so do not be swayed by the argument that just because the recent xbox 360 kinect release date has passed and everybody else has it, you need to get the newest platform too. It is better to find the one that fits your family.

3. Find the right place in your home. The new platforms require an open area. Free space is one of the key things to make these games the best they can be. Make sure that you will not damage anything while playing. Do not worry that you are using a TV that you normally watch. You cannot get the same activity watching a TV show that you can get gaming. That is one way to fight inactivity.

4. Get into the gaming. A parent is allowed to use these platforms. No rule says that kids are the only ones who like video games. Adults can also benefit physically from the motion gaming. It is just as important for an adult to get exercise as it is for children to get exercise. It is also another way to spend time with children. It is important for a parent to show their kids that there are right ways and wrong ways to play games. Some kids are very competitive when they play games. Making the effort to play games with their kids will provide the oppurtunity for parents to show them how to be a good sport.

A parent can use the new platforms to help their children get more exercise during their school breaks. There is still a need for traditional physical activity in a kids life. Make it one part of a total fitness regimen. Traditional activities should still be a part of all children’s life when they are able to. But if other things are preventing a child from getting outside, it might be time to turn on the gaming system.

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