Get Your Boyfriend Back After Dumping Him

Posted on November 14, 2010
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People often do crazy things when they’re angry or upset. An action that a lot of women carry out is to immediately dump their boyfriend when they discover he has been cheating, only to later regret this action. What can make things worse is if your boyfriend starts being stubborn and won’t speak to you.

I have a few tips for you if you are looking to get your ex boyfriend back if you are in a situation like this. To begin with, you need to give him some space so he can cool off. You should never call him or try to contact him in any way soon after the break up because chances are he will still be fuming from what has happened and you will just make things worse.

When the time does come to speak to him, it is important that you find the right balance – you don’t want to come across as desperate but you do want to show him they you are sorry. For example you don’t want to pour your heart out about how it will never happen again and then beg for another chance.

Apologise to him, tell him that your head was not on straight when you did it and you don’t know what you were thinking. Next refer to the time you have just spent apart from each other, tell him that you have missed him very much. If by any chance he asks why you have not been in touch recently, explain to him that you though it was best to give him some breathing space, but you still always wanted to get back with him. If you don’t explain this then he may think that you were not always interested in getting him back, and that is the last thing that you need.

In most cases this simple technique will be enough to win your ex boyfriend back. This technique works because you do not come across as desperate, you manage to hold your own whilst fixing things with him.

However, if this plan doesn’t work, and you get rejected by your ex boyfriend, then it is time to look differently at things. There is the suggestion of looking through an eBook like Ex Boyfriend Guru however it may be easier to except that things have ended instead.

If your ex boyfriend won’t come back to you then there were probably some troubling issues in the relationship before you dumped him. Therefore I would suggest that you move on as best you can.

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