Gaming Platforms Are Good For People Of All Ages

Posted on February 3, 2011
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The way people are using video games is different than how it used to be. Now, people are using their bodies as controllers. What is really different is the age of the people who are playing them as it now includes people who are much older. Many assisted care facilities have found that the video game platforms have helped getting their patients up and moving about more than they could before.
Motion gaming has brought seniors together and has increased socializing. There has been an increase in the use of these platforms in assisted care facilities because of this socialization. Game systems like the Nintendo Wii, The xbox 360 kinect and the Playstation Move have brought out the competitive nature of the senior citizens and video gaming tournaments are regularly held between different senior centers and while he majority of the seniors at the community centers love motion gaming they occasionally get frustrated with the controls because they forget which button to push or are unsure about how to play some of the games. After a person stops worrying about the small things, they are able to enjoy the fun and physical activity that the platforms bring to them.
While many gamers have become very excited with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date, many senior citizens have become loyal to the Nintendo Wii which has been around for many years and this is because it allows a player to interact with the gaming system using a remote control and various other devices to simulate playing familiar sports such as tennis or bowling. By playing these new platforms a person can get the physical activity they need which is not the same as the video games that they played when they were kids that only were good for very few parts of their body.
There have been exercise videos around for a long time. But with motion gaming a person is able to exercise in a new way. People are able to become a part of the action of the new video games. Exercise videos had someone who showed a person what they were supposed to do. Now they are the person on the screen. Senior citizens have been able to use these games in rehabilitation as well as for general physical activity.
The motion gaming systems work a person’s mind as well as their body. Studies have shown that the gaming systems have a positive effect on slowing down the many diseases of the brain that can affect the elderly.
Manufacturers of games have seen the positive effects that they have on people. They have started to develop games that are targeted for the senior market. It is no longer just the young gamer who can find something fun to play. Manufacturers have also made some of the games easier for people to play to attract this market.
Gaming has been an activity for people for many years. Today’s senior citizens are full of people who were gamers when they were kids. Because it was a childhood activity, the older generation is not worried about learning something new. What is different is how games are played in today’s world.

People feared that their kids were glued to a screen for too long when they played video games. People worried that playing games would cause people to be less active and could lead to many physical problems. Motion gaming has changed that. The gaming platforms have people dancing and exercising. And the best part is that it does not matter how old you are, you can still have fun.

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